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There is a world of opportunities awaiting. Online casino bonuses used to be the type of offers that had a dubious outcome. But how has the shift towards a more player-centred bonus come around? It was simple, in fact. Casino sites realised that they needed to step up their game and bring a change to how they treat players and post up promotions.

The upshot is that today, you can find huge casino bonuses and always start your gaming with a bit of extra money in your bankroll. From free spins on slot games to a no deposit offer, to the good old welcome bonus, there is always something for someone to pick. CasinoChimp is here to introduce you to all the possible bonus offers you can imagine.

If you want to get the best casino bonuses to play on various online casino games, continue reading our special article.

casino bonuses

Casino Deposit Bonus

Free games are all very fine, but the go-to bonus will remain the casino deposit match bonus. That is the age-old deal player and casino strike when they meet for the first time, and it works. So, what’s this type of promotion and should you commit to a bonus on your first deposit?

The evidence suggests that you should. You see, a first deposit is a way to boost your initial deposit amount twice and sometimes even more. True, there are some terms and conditions to sort out, but worry not. They are usually very straightforward, and you can make up your mind before committing any amount of money.

Based on this alone, a first deposit bonus is indeed quite fun and very much worth your time. Of course, you always have to exercise caution and take a long, hard look at the wagering requirements. The good news is that those bonuses that are worth picking in the first place will always make these provisos very easy to read and grasp.

Before you dive into your first deposit bonus, however, let’s take a moment to look at what you need to know about the bonus.

Understand the Bonus Terms and Conditions for a Better Experience

They look a little pesky, and they are. Yet, wagering requirements are there to make your experience a little fairer. With the casino taking a risk to hook you up with some decent funds, it will expect something in return – a plausible risk that you may or may not win.

However, extensive testing has proven that online casino bonuses are – to a better extent – fair. The theoretical returns can fluctuate, but these fluctuations usually peter off the more spins in the slot games. This is not to say that there are no sudden ups and downs, which are purely dependent on luck.

Wagering requirements are mandatory things you must fulfil in order to get your online casino bonuses. You can calculate exactly what to expect, too, thanks to approaching the bonuses in a smart way. Each bonus will have a minimum deposit amount you need to comply with. This could be as little as €10 or €25 in the majority of cases.

Another thing to factor is the validity of the bonus. Can you pick the promotion? Are you a resident of a specific country? Do you meet the legal age requirement? All of these things are very easy to sort out. In fact, you needn’t worry too much because any online casino bonus should be targeted at players who can access it. Otherwise, regulators step in and issue penalties to the casino.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirement?

Last, but not least is a wagering requirement of online casino bonuses, i.e. how many times you should bet your deposit and bonus amount or both. These specific figures will vary from one bonus to the next, so teaching yourself the habits to check for yourself are always extremely useful.

Let’s say you are one of the new players of the casino. And there is a 100% deposit match bonus with a minimum deposit of €25. If you have deposited €25 and received €25 credited instantly, you now have a €50 starting amount. The casino says that you need to stake both amounts 35x and this constitutes €50*35, or €1750 in funds you need to playthrough. Keep in mind that these aren’t funds you need to bet, just how many times you must “turn” your bonus before cashing it out.

What Games Work with the Wagering Requirements?

Often, when we arrive at a new casino as one of the new players, we ignore one minor fact. Not all online casino games will contribute towards wagering requirements. Instead, you need to look at the games that contribute towards your bonus wagering requirement. That is always very simple. Now, there are a few things you need to know. First, the majority of casinos will by default grant you a 100% deposit match bonus towards your bonus wagering requirements.

However, some casinos will introduce some exclusions. Some higher-paying online casino games might be left out or specifically excluded. This is not usually the case with the best brands, but some brands might just put a condition, so reading the terms is never a bad idea.

Next, some table games still keep contributing, but only 20% of the bets you place. This makes things tricky, so slots would be the smartest way to go. Some casino bonuses are specifically designed for the live casino, but they usually come with some reduced contributions towards wagering requirements.

Understanding these inherent elements of the bonus, however, is a huge help, no matter whether you are playing with a deposit or no deposit casino bonus.

casino no deposit bonus

Casino No Deposit Bonus

While you may think a deposit bonus is always the way to go, there are quite a few worthy alternatives. This is not to say skip the deposit bonus altogether. Quite to the contrary, you should keep in mind all the possibilities and see how to make the most of them. Apart from the deposit match bonus on your first deposit, you can also scoop up other great offers, including live casino games, or free spins.

A free sign-up bonus comes as a great way to get yourself started. The wagering requirement is still there, but since you get your funds for free, you don’t have to worry too much. Most sign-up fee bonus options are also available for at least seven days, making it easy to cash out.

But what free bonus do you get exactly? Well, that depends – some casinos will allocate some extra money to play with while others will hand you out free spins. Either way, the benefit of these options is great. There are a few things that you need to consider before you start playing, although even if you skipped these, you can’t cause too much trouble.

Once again, you must meet the wagering requirements. Every registration bonus will usually limit you to a few things. In other words, you will have a limit on how much money you can win. Is this fair? It is because the premise of the bonus is that you get everything for free but still stand a chance to win real money.

Whether we are talking free spins or free play, the conditions remain very much intact as they give you a shot to add to your good fortune, but in exchange for a small risk, you have to carry while at the casino. Still, firmly believes that there is no downside to opting into a casino with no deposit bonus.

The Matched Deposit Bonus and How It Became the Favoured Promo

With so many promos to go around, you often wonder – are some better than others? That certainly is true, but yet if there is one bonus offer you can expect to see at each casino, that’s the matched deposit bonus. Why – you may wonder? It just is very easy to strike a bargain like that with a casino.

You see, the conditions are simple. If you deposit a specific amount – any amount in fact – you get a 100% – more or less- in bonus funds. It makes perfect sense to actually go through the process. After all, depositing €25 to receive €25 free doesn’t sound like a bad bargain at all?

And so, the deposit bonuses are a pretty good opportunity for your casino to win some new players over. Yet, you, as a smart player, want to make sure that there are no downsides when opting in a binding agreement with your casino of any sort.

You should always check the terms and conditions of the promotion before you claim it, of course. The playthrough requirements will usually be very accessible, and they will allow you to predict whether you will have the time, patience and funds to play through them.

With this said, there are several main types of matched deposit bonuses. The smallest ones usually begin at 100% and 200%, but you will quickly find some hefty options offering up to 300% or even 500% in bonus funds. It’s probably a good idea to ask yourself if you need as much.

The 300% is never too shabby provided the total amount of the bonus isn’t too steep by itself. А 300% up to €3,000 might be way too much for comfort, for example. Let’s have a look at what matched betting casino offers there are.

casino matched bonus

The 100% Casino Bonus Is the Most Popular

If there is a dictionary of online casino bonuses, it won’t start with the letter “A”. It will start at the 100% deposit match bonus and for a good reason, too. This bonus is an immediate hook for any player. New casino enthusiasts and veterans know that the equal exchange that goes in a deposit bonus pays off well enough.

For starters, 100% isn’t too much, and usually, the amounts aren’t too crazy. Some big brands might try to tempt you with €2,000, but there are at least two things you ought to know about this. First, there is no reason for you to actually claim the entire amount of the bonus.

Instead, you can pretty much adjust the amount you wish to claim as a bonus by adjusting the amount you actually deposit. Once you know the playthrough requirements and know all the conditions you can expect, the rest is easy—many people, of course, overreach in their ambition to make the most out of an opportunity.

But here is the truth – casinos are not about hit-and-miss. You can pretty much quit for a year and then come back, and chances are an online casino bonus would be even better than what you remember. In other words, always tailor the experience to your immediate needs and preferences.

Going up the Bonus Food Chain: A 200% Casino Bonus

While a matched bonus is traditionally associated with 100% as the bonus amount, there are more bonuses to claim. In fact, things are more easily scalable than you imagine. For starters, a 200% bonus is now becoming more and more viable as a choice.

Why? Because bonuses are changing and they are becoming more player focused. Therefore, the need to deposit fewer sums, but reap greater benefits is a trend that is likely to stay unchanged. You might think that the online casino bonus amounts themselves have been shrunk pretty badly.

Not in the slightest. Today a 200% bonus can easily fetch you up to €500, for example, although it’s entirely to a casino to decide what works for them. And so, the bonuses have started getting bigger but far more importantly – easier to complete.

When you have bet €15, but this money is matched by 200%, the real risk you carry is slightly less in a sense you stand to win a bit more. Once again, checking what the maximum wins are is helpful. However, the matched bonus, unlike the no bonus deposit, is a little different in a sense there usually aren’t caps on the maximum winnings.

That’s right. If you win, say €100,000, you can keep the money. But watch out, because, in most of the cases, the maximum bet size is €5, meaning you will not be able to hit too big amounts. Yet, don’t worry because the potential winning potential is pretty tempting – bonus or no bonus.

What about the 300% Casino Bonus?

Once again, the 300% casino bonus has its own special place, and understandably people are taking fondly to it. The 300% is not some elusive promotion that is designed to egg you on and bet more. No, in fact, it’s a continuation of the 200% match bonus. How would you wonder?

Simple, casinos these days want you to get maximum value for your time at the casino. You see, there’s no point in your depositing €10 and only getting back €10 some casinos argue. Instead, you can simply fetch yourself a somewhat larger and more generous amount.

The 300% will actually allow you to claim more funds in the shortest time possible, which is always a great idea to begin. Don’t turn a blind eye to what is obviously a pretty great promotion.

casino free spins

Mainstream or Offshore: 500% Casino Bonus

It always seems like a marketing ploy that a disreputable venue would use. No, the 500% casino bonus exists, and it’s indeed quite generous. These bonuses are usually the ultimate token of appreciation a casino may have. You get to enjoy a great experience thanks to a solid match rate and very possibly a good capped rate.

The 500% is subject to pretty much the same conditions as before. Even if you deposit €20, you will still get €100 in bonus funds, making for a total outstanding amount you just need to play through. The wagering requirements are still pretty much the same, 30x or 35x.

Not least, you will have a pretty decent time to complete the bonus. Usually, these bonuses have at least 30 days to fulfil – which is pretty great. You will always find a way to fulfil the bonus conditions as long as you play at a good pace and bet reasonably.

Daily Promotions, Tournaments, and Casino Missions

The world of casino gaming is full of great examples of bonuses that are waiting to help out. Now, when it comes to the best casinos, you will find many excellent promotions. has taken a close look at all available treats that are presently on the market.

For starters, daily promotions are very popular. They distribute almost the same awards across an entire week. And so, bonus funds and free spins will be credited instantly for each day of the week – so long as the opportunity exists. These bonuses come with their authentic names, such as “Free Spins Thursdays” or “Reload Fridays,” or even perhaps “Bonus Mondays.”

Each time, you will get something new and unique to get your hands on, try and see if you like. The good news is the bonus conditions for those offers aren’t steep at all, and you can clear them very easily. But besides the daily promos, there are other types of competitions.

Many casinos are offering tournaments as a new form of promotion. You might wonder – are these any better? Well, they are different! The premise here is to win more than your fellow players, and when you do, you will be awarded the largest chunk of a pre-determined prize pool.

Of course, this “competitive element” goes through the prism of pure luck. You still pretty much depend on the chance if your winnings are going to surpass those of your fellow players, so keep this in mind. The last part of the experience we recommend looking into is the so-called missions.

These quests allow you to quickly and very easily unlock some cool milestones in the casino – whether it’s extra cash, loyalty points to redeem for bonuses or even some cool real rewards, such as smartphones, a trip, or a ticket to a sports event or a concert of a favourite artist.

How to Claim a Casino Bonus?

After a long while, it’s perhaps time to talk about something as simple as claiming your deposit bonus. Most people assume it’s a straightforward affair – after all, it’s what we crack it to be. Yet, simple as bonuses can be, you will still have to make sure that you are on point and keep up with everything the bonus asks of you and sets out as qualifying criteria. There are several factors to take into consideration.

  1. Can you legally claim the bonus? Many times will beckon to you, but just because they are there, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blindly follow. Make sure that you can legally play at a casino site. Usually, a license from a relevant regulator would be proof enough.
  2. Are you familiar with the specific wagering requirements, such as playthrough, the date of the bonus and what online casino games help you fulfil it? In each case, you need to make sure that there is no stone unturned, and you are playing a bonus you enjoy.
  3. Once you verify that the bonus is, in fact, something you want and need, you can proceed to claim it. In most cases, you just need to make a qualifying deposit (usually around €10 or €25). If you are dealing with a no deposit casino, then the promo will be awarded automatically into your account.
  4. Now that you have the funds handy, it’s time to clear through the wagering requirements. Remember to play those online casino games that contribute towards wagering requirements the best.

What about the Bonus Codes?

It would make a lot of sense to take a moment and talk about bonus codes a bit, so let’s do it. The bonus code is devised to simply help casinos keep track of what bonuses people are claiming. There are two specific uses for a promo code. The first one is a pure marketing technique designed to keep track of what interests people the most. That especially is used for attracting more and getting new players.

The second one is there to make it easy on the casino end. Some operators just stick to this traditional way of allocating bonuses. It works for them, and they don’t mind, too. Promo codes will work for both your deposit and no deposit bonuses.

And it makes perfect sense they should. After all, they are designed as helpful solutions that will make it very simple to enjoy the casino experience. You are probably wondering – what bonuses can you use the bonus codes on and the simple answer is – all of them.

So long as the welcome bonus or free spins require you to also provide a specific promotional code, you should. On some rare occasions, a casino might actually ask you to email customer support with the promo code, which is not ideal, but still a viable way.

Want a Mobile Casino Bonus? They Exist!

If you are hell-bent on playing from a mobile device, you will be happy to know that you can get access to all viable bonus options. Whether that is a welcome bonus for new players or perhaps a no deposit or free spin, they are all systems go regardless of your mobile device.

Mobile bonuses will come with the same wagering requirements, making them great for new players and established veterans alike. Whether it’s a welcome bonus or a regular deposit bonus, you will find the experience to be quite neat. The added comfort of banking from your smartphone is definitely something.

You will just need to tap on your screen to activate a bonus. Whether that requires a bonus code is another thing, but even if the bonus does, just enter the unique code you get. Outside of that, it seems quite easy to claim bonuses with the mobile experience.

One thing to note is that those aren’t exclusive bonuses. Not quite, at least. You can similarly claim the same bonuses from a desktop device – without any significant differences if any at all.

A Casino Bonus by Payment Method

This is actually a viable interjection. While you may argue that desktop and mobile bonuses are the same, things change a little when it comes to payment methods and the bonuses you can get there. At, we have decided to take things a little differently.

First, let’s talk about the payment methods that might be excluded from a bonus offer. For certain payment methods, casinos might refuse to grant bonuses, fearing that such payment options make it too easy for the same person to claim a bonus twice.

That’s why the wagering requirements sometimes contain clauses where they remind new players and established players that some restrictions may apply. This is especially true for the welcome bonus. But be that as it may, you needn’t worry too much in the first place.

As long as you stick with the necessary wagering conditions, you will always find a great way to use a bonus. But speaking of specific payment method bonuses, what perks can you truly claim? Most of these bonuses are usually 25% or 50% of the deposited amount, which isn’t too bad.

In some cases, you might get an extra 25%, for example. Either way, you will have to carefully read through the bonus terms and find a way that the bonus works for you. The good news is, it’s never too difficult, to begin with.

What Bonuses are there at New Casinos?

New casinos are definitely frontrunners when we are talking about offers. They are flexible. They are helpful, and they are generous. The amounts you will see at newly-opened sites will usually be higher. An observant player would say – hold on, this is probably just temporarily, and they would be right.

Many new sites will try to win over many players before altering their bonuses a bit. But the truth is these sites tend to burn out quickly, and that’s why not many of these are actually around these days. Instead, the casinos will try to grant you the most generous bonus amount possible and help you develop your bankroll over the long term.

There will be quite a few tempting offers as well – from tournaments to ranking through the loyalty scheme. These promos are cleverly introduced to keep you going and playing more. Of course, when you know how this marketing works, you will learn to practice some distancing.

Nevertheless, it’s well worth noting that new casino bonus offers are always somewhat better than what you are used to. The amounts may or may not be big, but what will change is the bonus’ fundamental premise. You will stop worrying about the money, but rather see that the playthrough requirements have been simplified.

If casinos can do this, this means more great promos are underway. Put this way – only the best online casino bonus offers and the casinos attached to them will trend. And these casinos are most certainly some of the new establishments out there.

In a word, new casino bonuses are a delight. Now, hop off to a place where you can find just about as many of these goodies as you need.

Bonuses for the High Rollers

There are many bonuses out there. Some will be free spins, some even will be contributing to your live casino experience. Yet, none are more exciting than the high roller bonus. You see, the high roller bonus comes at a time when budget players are ready to take on a few bigger risks.

High rolling has its own logic, and it usually means that a player is prepared to risk more for potentially bigger returns. At the same time, you need to know that these bonuses attract a lot more scrutiny. A casino will always run AML and KYC checks on you during regular bonuses, but with a high roller promotion, you will be put to further identity checks.

Just to make sure. Online casinos love attracting high rollers – just ask any casino. Yet, they are not allowed to lure high rollers in under any pretext. Regulators want casinos to make sure you can actually afford to run through €10,000 in a heartbeat without any financial risk.

Of course, many high rollers win in the end, and that’s why there are a lot of players who take high-stake betting more seriously. These high roller bonuses are usually available at every casino upon reaching a certain level in the VIP and Loyalty Schemes we will discuss right now.

Loyalty Schemes & VIP Programs – A Way to Add Value to Your Gameplay

Loyalty programs are the casino’s ways to enrol everyone in a great bonus promo that is designed to only stack up and add to the experience. There are no obligations to be part of the loyalty scheme. It’s a natural extension of your ordinary game time, which is a decent way to stack up some extra profits. Put another way, you will often see loyalty programs granting you loyalty points for a certain amount you spend.

There is no obligation to pursue a loyalty level – unless you specifically want to – or to convert your LPs back into a cash amount. But, if you stick with a casino long enough, you will eventually amass a pretty good number of points that can suddenly be turned into a big payout.

Of course, no casino will simply hand out the money, and you will most likely have to go through a wagering requirement or two once again. Yet, it never hurts to have this extra way of securing some top bonuses as it were. The more levels you unlock, the better perks you will get access to. Yes, this includes access to somewhat better bonuses, too.

Well, perhaps not better per se, but new bonuses to begin with. This doesn’t sum up the available promotions out there. Actually, it will be quite the opposite. Let’s take a look.

Seasonal and Special Occasion Bonuses

The best promotions to pick right now are the seasonal and special occasion bonuses. They are always rich, lively and come up with some cool ways to usher in new promos. In their essence, of course, an online casino bonus you get on St Patrick’s Day or Halloween is pretty much the same.

But they are themed, and people love that. Yet, you should cast the graphics aside and look at the kernel of the bonus? Are there enough free spins? Do the wagering conditions look fair? If that checkout, you are probably okay to claim the bonus – whether it’s a deposit bonus or just more free spins.

Halloween-themed slots and Christmas-slots, for example, are very popular and you can expect quite a few bonuses are coming to cover these. Whether you like the Xmas spirit is another question, but with titles such as Rudolph vs Santa and Fat Santa are just two viable picks, you will certainly enjoy a whole lot.

Oftentimes, the available online casino games will determine the bonus. Or put this way – the more popular the title, the more likely an online casino is to allocate a bonus for it. It’s an interesting reverse-engineering that works well in allocating great bonuses across many people who have an honest interest in them.

With this said, your seasonal and special offers are indeed something you will want to check out. If not today, when the time is right. In the meantime, keep in mind that you can still fetch a few extra free spins when you play slots, for example, so you don’t always have to chase promotions as such.

Bring Your Friends to Share the Fun

If you feel that a casino is a good idea, you might want to tell your friends. But why do so without getting anything back? There are many ways to benefit from inviting a friend over. The Refer a Friend bonus is a perfect example of how easy it is to turn your relationship with someone into an advantage to both parties.

Naturally, your friend will be their own person. They will have to decide if they want to play and how much they would want to play. However, the option exists for players to tip their friends off and bring them along. There are many different ways to use this information, but ultimately, it’s all about having fun.

So long you are sure that the casino you have recommended is great, your friends are likely to think the same thing. And in the process, you will get a bonus.

No Wagering Requirements Free Spins

There is, in fact, a bonus that will offer you free spins without asking for anything in return. Some free spins bonuses are great. For instance, you get 100 free spins on a specific game. Let’s say – for the sake of example – NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2.

The way these bonuses work is very simple. You get to play through the 100 free spins and then receive a bonus amount equal to your winnings. Then, the bonus amount will be subject to wagering requirements established by the casino.

It’s definitely a neat trade-off that allows you to approach the free spins online casino bonus in a completely new way and definitely one that is ultimately helpful. Once again, there is no pressure to claim these freebies.

Even if you missed a bonus, there is always another one waiting – perhaps at another recommended casino.

Did We Talk Free Spins?

Free spins don’t come only as part of no deposit bonuses. They are in fact quite cool and easy to find. You will get them as prize drops from the casino or even as a deposit bonus. In fact, a welcome package often contains free spins and not just any number of free spins but tons of them. So, before long, you will see hundreds of great promos lining up.

Free spins will come in the hundreds quite easily. You may get 100 or 200 or even more. Either way, the promos will be of huge help.

What if I have an Issue with My Bonus?

In case you experience any issues with a bonus, it’s always best to turn to customer support. They are usually available via live chat, email, and phone. There could be quite a few issues with a bonus indeed, but the good news is that most of them are caused by the player.

Why good news? Because you can learn to avoid these common pitfalls and get on with your gaming uninterrupted. And so, some common bugbears that have proven too dogged are really a matter of you keeping an honest eye on the terms and conditions. What are the common pitfalls players so readily overlook more often than is a good idea?

  1. Ignoring the wagering conditions – Some players just decided that now is a good time to withdraw their winnings. In the cases when you don’t meet the wagering conditions, though, your bonus is simply forfeited, so watch out.
  2. Not sticking with the best online casino games – Some players would much rather play games that are not even featured in the promotion. This leads to running out of funds too soon and without achieving the desired results. Always keep this in mind.
  3. Depositing too much – It’s true that if you deposit a lot, you will get a whole lot out, but you have to be smart. Can you really spend as much time as is necessary to cover the playthrough requirements? You will often find that you might be exaggerating.

As you have already found out. In casinos, there is no hit-or-miss moment. You will always have access to a great bonus and one that will definitely keep you on point. What’s important is to bid your time correctly. Don’t rush through bonuses and remember to play for fun.

And most importantly. If you do happen to have an issue with your bonus, why not call customer support so they can sort it out for you?

How to Find the Best Casino Offers?

Casino offers are great as they streamline the experience for everyone. As soon as you place your minimum deposit and qualify for a promo, you are ready to go. Yet, if you want to get the best, it may take some hard work. How do you generally find a great casino offer? It’s simple. You can either do a basic Google research or pick a trustworthy reviewing service such as

A reviewing service will always give you a little more insight. These days, it’s important for any reviewer to present the facts truthfully, without unnecessary flourish – or in the very least make sure the numbers check out. Whether you are after low-risk casino offers or high roller bonuses, the same criteria will pretty much apply across the board.

You want to pick a bonus from an online casino that can be trusted. Not least, you want to make sure that the bonus conditions are easy to read. Customer support that remains open to your questions is always a very good idea. This way, you can stay on top of events and always turn for help if you need it.

The wagering requirements should be as simple as is reasonably possible and catch you up on the ins and outs of the bonus in no time at all. If you are still uncertain where to find the bonus you need, just visit the list of recommended casinos keeps updated so that you always have a point of reference.

Best Casino Bonuses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pick bonuses from a mobile device?

Yes, absolutely. Any mobile device supports bonuses so long as the casino you are picking the bonus from is mobile compatible. In fact, it has less to do with the device than it has with the casino itself. Most casinos today are available as browser/HTML5 casinos, which means you can claim the latest bonuses very quickly and usually with a tap or two.

What are game contributions and why are they important?

Game contributions will tell you how soon you can cash out any winnings. You see, the way this works is you need to play through the bonus amount a certain number of times. However, some games - such as slots - will give you 100% contributions towards that goal. Others, such as table games might only give you 20% or even contributions towards the bonus condition.

Should I accept or avoid bonuses?

The welcome package is usually a pretty great bonus for new players at the online casino industry. You can obtain it as the first deposit bonus. It can vary from anything as small as $150 all the way up to $1,500 and that's always a good thing. Furthermore, you can get some free spins to use at various slot games. Now, to answer the question if it's worth it, it all depends on what your particular expectations from the bonus are. If you don't mind to meet a challenging wagering requirement, then it's okay. Most players like to have a lot more playing funds and the more money they can pick, the better. Some players prefer to play with their own bankroll and cash out any winnings they might get, but that's again a personal choice.

What's the biggest bet I can place with an active bonus?

Usually, the largest active bonus you can place is €5. This is about the across all deposits out there. However, if we are talking about a free spins bonus, then you will most likely only be able to place €0.10 as this is the usual value of the free spins themselves.

Are there limits on how much I can win from a bonus?

In theory, no. But since you can mostly bet just €5, you will see that your winnings per single bet are restricted. However, there are always opportunities to win more by simply betting multiple times. Of course, keep in mind that it's all down to pure luck.

Are bonuses actually helpful?

Bonuses can help you extend your stay. For instance, some 500% bonuses would turn even a modest €5 into a significant bankroll that you can divvy up between different games and have quite a bit of fun.