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cash back casino offersEvery step of the casino journey can bring you something new and exciting to try. The cashback bonus offer is one of those mid-way surprises that will help you establish yourself. Today, you will have a chance to study cashback casinos up close and see what they have to offer.

Starting with something as simple as explaining the casino cashback, its the terms and conditions, the overall utility of the offer, and a bit more. Some players may be a little sceptical at first, but the cashback bonus will work a treat, helping even the less fortunate player quickly get back on their feet.

It’s true that cashback is generated based on your losses at the casino, but you needn’t look at it this way. Instead, focus on the upsides, and specifically the fact that you have a neat little way to cushion even the most unexpected loss. CasinoChimp has made sure to list the best brands that offer top real money cashback bonuses you can wish for. Let’s dive into these casino offers at once.

How Does a Cashback Bonus Work?

The casino cashback bonus is such a delight to pick. It’s granted automatically or sometimes – at the request of players. Yet, the bonus is always available, and online casinos make sure that you won’t have any trouble claiming it quickly and easily. This type of casino cashback bonus is usually calculated based on a very simple formula.

Your losses will be the basis on which the cashback is crunched and allocated to your casino account balance. However, you won’t be able to claim more than a specific amount that most casinos make sure to determine quickly. The bonus can range from anything between 5% and 50% on your losses.

Some exceptions could exist, because the industry is changing very quickly. So, one day 10% might be the norm, but out of a sudden, casinos could be paying back as much as 50% every week. Speaking of weeks, it’s also important to note the frequency with which cashback offers are allocated to players. That is usually once every seven days. 

However, before you can claim the next bonus, you will have to meet the wagering requirements. Oh, yes, there are wagering requirements, we regret to inform you. Don’t worry, though, because they shouldn’t be too difficult to complete in full. The wagering requirements are addressed in a separate section to give them clarity and help you understand how to achieve them in the shortest period possible.

How Do I Get a Cashback Bonus?

cash-back casinosTo claim a cashback bonus, you usually have to follow the terms and conditions listed at the casino. Most cashback offers are, in fact, very easy to claim. For example, new casino sites make it just as easy as opting in to welcome bonuses. Yet, there may be a few steps to consider first. For starters, do make sure to double-check with how the cashback is claimed.

Some casinos will offer it automatically while others will prompt you to claim it once you have accumulated sufficient losses. Yes, as it is, you might need to lose a certain amount of money before you qualify for the offer. With this in mind, budget players will find some of these bonuses impractical, but if you are a high roller at heart, you might find these bonuses to be a nice way to cushion some losses.

Loss, as it turns out, is a natural part of the experience, but the casino cashback offers are an adequate way to make sure that you are actually enjoying a wholesome experience and never going above-board with your bankroll. Some fine-tuning might be necessary, but knowing that the cashback is there to boost your overall chances is always a great relief to many.

Now, if you are not entirely certain how the bonus at your specific casino works, all you need to do is drop by customer support and get in touch with the customer reps who will surely have an answer to any query regarding the bonus you might have.

What Casino Games Can I Use My Cashback Bonus On?

Now, once you have the cashback, you will probably wonder – what games can you specifically use the newly-found funds on? As it turns out, your options won’t be limited to one or two casino games. Instead, you will get a whole array of titles. However, the wagering requirement will change slightly. Slots are clearly going to supply you with the best returns.

Each bet you place on a slot game will fetch you a 100% return. However, for other more skill-based games such as blackjack and roulette, the wagering contributions are probably going to take a mild hit, reducing the overall value of each bet you place through a cashback deposit.

Now, not all is bad news. Table games are usually easier to master, and online casinos are aware. It’s natural to see some of the contributions reduced. On the plus side, you can always rely on some great slots you can pick from freely and enjoy the top titles there are.

Should You Consider a Cashback Bonus?

cash back bonusesThis is one of the main questions when considering any bonus offer – are you better off without the casino bonuses or should you claim it? Cashbacks are not quite as pesky as you might expect. Quite to the contrary, in fact. Their wagering requirements are usually straightforward, and while it may be another bonus to try and complete, it’s usually a bonus you don’t get in exchange for money. It’s simply allocated back to you.

Now, what you have to do is just play through the bonus simple as that. Remember when tipped you off about free spins bonuses? Well, this is pretty much the same situation. There are no downsides to going through with a cashback bonus.

Another way to ask the bonus is – should you actively be seeking to claim a cashback bonus. That purely depends on the minimum loss requirement. If the casino expects you to lose €100 to give you back €35 back, this is definitely not a bad percentage.

Besides, a cashback is not negated by your winnings. So you might have won €500 but lost €100 to qualify for the cashback offer. There are many situations where the cashback value will be up for debate, but as long as you don’t have to generate any significant losses and can still claim the casino cashback – don’t miss it.

Are There Any Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements – casinos can’t set a single promotion without going over the fine print. And so, you should expect to actually take a look at these every time you claim a promotion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a welcome bonus or a cashback bonus. The logic is pretty much the same. has brought up the topic of bonuses and casino terms and conditions on various occasions. Today, you ought to be a little more careful and consider the cashback promo terms. Most offers come with a very straightforward setting.

You will need to stake the bonus amount a specific number of times and do so before a deadline. Usually, most cashback casino offers are reasonable, meaning you don’t have to put too much additional time – if any at all – to complete the wagering conditions.

Of course, the downside is that one way or another, the terms and conditions must be met in full so that you can benefit from any potential winnings. Once again, you will have to exercise caution when dealing with the terms. After all, you can’t just request a withdrawal – first, the conditions must be satisfied in full.

Other Bonuses vs Cash Back Bonuses

cash backs vs free spinsIt’s always a good idea to compare something as simple as the casino cashback bonus against something else – let’s say the welcome bonus. Now, the truth is the cashback bonuses are very flexible. Just look at them yourself – they come with fairly small amounts, plain requirements, and sufficient deadlines.

On the other hand, welcome bonuses will sometimes prove a bit of a pest to fulfil. They will require to rollover both the deposit and bonus amount and do so within a somewhat tight window. Now, you shouldn’t think that the sign-up offer sucks – not at all!

Instead, just remind yourself how much better the cashback bonuses do against most other available online casino promos. Cashbacks are simple in their nature and therefore, in high demand. Well, this is perhaps a bit of a misnomer. Players don’t actively try to secure cashback offers, but they are quite happy to use them in a way that promises to boost their overall bankroll.

In fact, there’s no reason why you should choose one bonus over another. If a cashback bonus is available to you, check the terms and conditions and if they seem like something tailored to your needs, claim it.

Does the Size of the Cashback Bonus Matter?

You are perhaps a little too keen on securing the largest casino cashback offer you can get your hands on. That is alright, but let’s have a brief talk about hunting bonuses. Bonus size never matters – what matters is the potential for retention of any winnings you accumulate through your bonus.

Come what may, you will want to be on point by retaining the bulk of any bonus you might have on your hands. This is the surest way to make things work. And so, this brings us back to our previous dilemma – are all cashback offers worth it. Absolutely. Just as long as the bonus doesn’t expect you to accumulate massive losses before you can cash out any of your money. 

So long as you keep things well-balanced and play with some consideration as to the outcomes, you shouldn’t see much issues at all.

After all, a cashback bonus is just the casino’s way to give you an additional way to back your bankroll. Don’t get tempted by size and conversely – don’t think that a low wagering requirement is always the best. After all, your potential profit will probably depend on striking a balance between the two.

A Final Piece of Advice

And so, you are on your way to starting playing at a casino that offers a casino cashback offer. That is a great way to guarantee yourself a more balanced experience and one where even a surprise loss doesn’t hurt your budget at all. Cashbacks are those unsung heroes that will come to your rescue when you least expect them and will top-up your offer a great deal. Looking to really kickstart your way into a casino? Pick one that will guarantee your overall security by offering various incentives – the cashback bonus being one of the best.

Cashback FAQs

Are cashback bonuses worth it?

Cashback bonuses are absolutely worth it. They provide you with a great way to minimize some losses and perhaps turn them into winnings. There is no restriction or condition that explicitly says that you must claim a bonus, so you are free to only pick those offers that are worth your while.

When can I claim a cashback bonus?

You can claim a cashback bonus as soon as you qualify for it. To do so, you will notice that every casino sets different terms for what constitutes a successful qualification. This is usually a specific amount you have accumulated in losses.

Are cashback bonuses legit?

As long as the casino you are playing at is trustworthy, so are your casino bonuses. You should still check if the terms and conditions are something you are happy with nevertheless.

Should I pick every casino cashback offer?

Not necessarily. There are no downsides to picking a cashback offer if it’s already extended to you. However, don’t chase any big qualifying limits that aren’t something you would normally wager in the first place.

What games should I play to complete a cashback bonus the quickest?

Slots offer the best wagering requirements as they pay back 100% of the amount you have wagered.