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Casinos have changed so much these days, and today, players have high expectations of the iGaming venues. Some players take online gaming a little too seriously. They try to win as much as they can, devise strategies and more. Yet, other players prefer to stick with the pure entertainment value an online casino can bring. But both groups agree that the best online casinos are those that pay the quickest and the best amounts.

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Buffalo Casino

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200% up to 1000€ + 125 Free Spins Wagering - 40x
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Blizz Casino

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100% up to 1 BTC Wagering - 20x
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21bit casino

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Up to €300 + 50 free spins Wagering - 45x
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Nitrobetting Casino

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200% up to 40 mBTC Wagering - 20x
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7bitcasino logo

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100% up to €400 Wagering - 40x
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One Casino tick

100% up to €10 Free Cash Wagering - 25x
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casino adrenaline logo

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100% up to €210 Wagering - 50x
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100% up to €200 + 25 Free spins Wagering - 40x
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hot7 casino

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100% up to €200 + 100 free spins Wagering - 34x
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How is a casino’s payout determined, though? That is a very good question. Most casinos will have hundreds of games with no one return-to-player rate displayed. However, all casinos will have an average theoretical rate. Whether you get more out of your spins, for example, though remains a matter of luck.

Then again, if you focus on playing on those higher-paying games, you will naturally end up winning more – at least in theory. Each casino is a bit different. Most players and experts agree that the quickest way to landing a solid win is by picking the best slots online, which will naturally be found at the best payout casinos. Let’s take a look.

Best Paying Online Slots

fast payout slotsA casino is a lot more than the sum total of all its games. Each online slot should catch your eye. There are plenty of great online slots today that focus on boosting your average return. Some of the best online slot options you will find all feature at least 96.50% in theoretical returns, better known as return-to-player (RTP) rates.

Yet, to make sure you are playing with the best possible option out there, you got to do some shopping around for the best paying ones. has reviewed some of the best slot games to bring you a vast choice of possible casino games that offer excellent payout percentages.

In choosing a slot, the casino experts have focused on analyzing the payout percentages as a whole, but also the specific gameplay features. The software providers are also very important. For example, an online slot by NetEnt means that the game will come with a lot of free spins and possibly a bonus level.

If you play a game by Microgaming, you can expect many unique game features, as you see in slots such as Avalon, ThunderStruck, Immortal Romance and many others. Furthermore, takes into consideration the wild and scatter symbols, multipliers, and maximum payouts.

All in all, there are plenty of various features you can use to help you better understand what the best paying online slots are.

1. Hammer Profits With Divine Precision in ThunderStruck II

ThunderStruck II arrived in 2010 as an expansion of an already existing game – ThunderStruck. With its Norse mythology plot extended into the second version of the game, Microgaming was quick to impress players. But if there was one defining element of the entire experience, that was the fact the game offered 96.65% in payout percentages, a considerable notch above the industry average at the time.

With a maximum win worth estimated 121,000 of a player’s bet, the game was quickly picked by players from all over. Not surprisingly, this slot is still popular today and one of the preferred choices for many. But what makes this game one of the best online slots is the continuity of the experience.

What does this mean? It’s not just a matter of omnichannel experience and house edge. No, the game offers better payout percentages the longer you stick around. In other words, the longer you play, the better chance of winning you will have.

Each new god and bonus level unlocks some extra free spins, better multipliers and other treats to enjoy as much as you like. Of course, the natural downside is that you might have to stick around a little while before these levels become available. Nevertheless, the bonus spins are worth the wait. Are you still having doubts about whether to play ThunderStruck II? Read our dedicated review and find out yourself.

2. More Divine Inspiration in Age of Gods

Age of Gods is one of the most popular franchises, and a high payout online casino will surely feature it. The game was developed by Playtech back in 2016, and it comes with fairly low payout percentages, around 95.05%. Yet, you shouldn’t run for the next title because the Age of Gods slot will offer a progressive jackpot that often starts from €100,000 and scales up very quickly.

This slot is not only known for its outstanding progressive jackpot, however. Not quite. The payout rate is not bad on its own, and the gameplay is dynamic. You can see that Playtech has gone and done an outstanding job out of building a great overall feel to the gameplay.

You have the mighty Zeus and the entire Greek Pantheon of deities throwing their spells around as the reels rush towards the next big win. The game doesn’t lack excellent features as well. You will get to enjoy free spins, a pick and click feature, similar to what you will see in Hot as Hades, and other sticky wilds to help you bolster the payout percentages here and there.

fast withdrawalsFree spins are perhaps the biggest draw as of now, but they are far from the only one. You can even play Age of Gods by claiming a bonus, although you have to double-check which online casinos allow you to pick a promo that works with a progressive jackpot.

And not least, you have to double-check the wagering requirements. However, even if you decide to go it solo, Age of Gods is worth it, and it has a great betting limit starting at €0.20.

3. A Dantesque Journey with Vikings Go To Hell

It is not Dante following Virgil into Inferno. It is a bunch of raucous, ill-mannered hell-bent on robbing the underworld from anything precious it might hold. And so, Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go To Hell is a fantastic slot. It combines great plots, visuals and let’s face it – payout. You can join the Vikings on their journey to raid hell and get off pretty much unscathed.

Tangling with demons and such is not an issue when the Vikings use their brand of cold steel that would put the existence of any supernatural being into question. The game has a great 3,500x payout and a whole lot of great additions to tweak the experience for even bigger explosions of opportunity.

The minimum bets start at €0.10 to help you get into your stride and push the experience to the next level. Even though the volatility is high, you will get sweeter payouts, and once you do, they will be worth your efforts. Not least, the game has managed to develop a whole bunch of absolutely outstanding features to spruce up the gameplay.

Furthermore, the Vikings bring a whole trove of treasure with them as shown by the many features such as sticky wilds and free spins, respins and a special rage meter to help you monitor just how upset your merry band of murderous Vikings is.

Demon Fight and Treasure Chest are two other additions to the gameplay that brings uniqueness to the gameplay in a fresh and innovative way. And not least, you still have the wild reel to enjoy. Ready to set sail and dive into the bowels of hell itself for the best possible payout online casinos have to offer?

4. More Than Power-Play in Game of Thrones

The show may have ended on HBO, but online casinos still promote Game of Thrones as one of the most accomplished casino games of all time. The arguably best payout you will see in a branded slot is just one side of the story. Game of Thrones is outstanding in more than one way, and as any in-depth Microgaming slot, it has a lot to offer, bonus spins being just a start.

Having a close look, and especially if you are a fan yourself, the first thing that stands out is just how complex the game is. But complex not in a bad way. It’s more a matter of how many different options you have to pledge your allegiance to one of the warring factions and lead your people onto victory and personal enrichment.

The game will put you in control of one of the main Houses of the show and books, and you will get to decide how to use their advantages. Different Houses bring different bonuses – similar to ThunderStruck – but the gameplay is not exactly dependent on how long you play.

No, you will crack open the sweet box of juicy delights as soon as you start playing Game of Thrones online. That includes bonus spins a great house edge with the game paying 95% on average. Why 95% you might wonder? Well, players are used to 96.5% on average but don’t forget that this slot goes well beyond people’s expectations to develop a wholesome experience for everyone to enjoy.

Players will get to benefit from the aforementioned bonus spins, sticky wilds, and even a gamble feature. Not to mention that you will be improving the reputation of your own house and re-charting the future.

5. Big Wins in Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza

best online casinos with fast withdrawalsBonanza is next on the menu and for a good reason too. The name of the game itself suggests that you should probably expect a massive payout. Bonanza is a game that offers some great payouts and more. For starters, the average payout percentage is pretty decent. You get to enjoy 96% on average return with medium volatility.

That means that new players will immediately find this game to be quite outstanding in the sense it allows even players on a budget to enjoy frequent payouts. The minimum bet per single spin is €0.20, which is not too bad at all. You can generate a massive 12,000 payout per single spin, too, and the game also has a separate version – the Megaways, where the pay lines go all the way up to 110,000 and more.

Bonanza is one of the best casino games as it borrows some cool mechanics from other titles, such as cascading reels, free spins, and a progressive multiplier to bring you the best possible payout there is. Casinos that include Bonanza have a player-focused approach and want what’s best for their players.

As a game, Bonanza will fit any taste. The betting limits are flexible enough with the maximum set for €20.00, which is way up there with the best casinos. The cascading reels guarantee some extra payouts and the more you win, the more cascading reels you will get.

The payout will depend on how lucky you are more so than the size of your stake, but naturally, if you bet a little higher, you will possibly get better average payouts as well. Yet, regardless of the payout, Bonanza is a whole lot of fun to try!

6. More than a Faerie Tale: Jack and the Beanstalk would argue that Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most successful slot games developed for any online casino. If you are looking for games that give you multiple opportunities to win more and more, you will want to try Jack and the Beanstalk.

First, it’s one of the most innovative games allowing you to land some big profits in a clever way that will always make your while worth it. The Walking Wild feature is the biggest plus to this title, and you most certainly shouldn’t give it a pass.

This game is somewhat feared by online casinos, because of its significant payout. Yet, the best online casinos won’t miss out on an opportunity to provide you with a great title. First, the title was introduced back in 2013. Since that time, it has got a virtual reality (VR) version, which has not been rolled out in full yet, but it still exists.

Apart from that, the game packs one of the best payout percentages we have seen – some 96.30%, which is a lot even by today’s standards. Now imagine that the game was released back in 2013 when RTPs were even more conservative.

The title comes with high volatility, but upon testing, the payouts feel frequent enough. One thing that is up for debate is the frequency of the payout. If you are lucky to get walking wilds, you can expect a quick turnaround. These symbols will grant you bonus spins for free. A single bet could quickly fetch you 5, 10, or potentially more re-spins.

Of course, the chances of you triggering the walking wilds will be a roll of the dice, so keep this in mind.

7. Love Sucks: Immortal Romance Proves It

That is not a classic love drama – it has vampires in it and a lot of sucking and biting. Immortal Romance is a slot game that has beaten all expectations. Microgaming released the game back in 2011 which might make you doubt the quality of the slot, but don’t. For a decade now, Immortal Romance has offered 96.86% in the theoretical return to the player, free spins, varying multipliers, cascading reels, and some cool new features, such as the Wild Vines and the Wild Randomizer.

In each case, you will get something new and exciting to try, and even though the volatility in the game is high, the payout still feels frequent enough. With this said Microgaming has gone to some lengths to make sure you are having a go at a great experience.

For example, the game will introduce you to some unique characters as well. You will meet Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah and each will play their own very special role in the game, bringing some extra spins and winning potential to the gameplay.

Yes, vampires can be a bit dusty on occasion, but this shouldn’t worry you at all, because everything about this title feels fresh. The best payout you can get here is a satisfying 3,645,000 paid in coins, which is definitely enough to get even the drowsiest vampire out of the coffin!

8. Gonzo’s Quest: Discover Eldorado Anew

NetEnt may be a brand cites too often for comfort’s sake perhaps. Yet, the brand has delivered a large selection of games worth every penny, every second, and every moment you spend with the games. Gonzo’s Quest is truly no exception, other than the fact this game offers exceptional payout opportunities.

Gonzo’s Quest was released back in 2011, bringing some outstanding opportunities to players and helping everyone get a lot out of their experience. For its time – and even by modern standards – the 96% payout is pretty solid. It’s not just that when it comes to Gonzo’s Quest though.

You will see that there is more than a thing or two to get out of your time playing Gonzo’s Quest. The title comes with some pretty decent payouts, including a 37,000x maximum win, an avalanche reels mechanic (or cascade as some developers call it), and other goodies, including free spins. These bonus spins can help out when in a pickle as they will prop up even the most moderate bankroll.

Furthermore, the game has medium volatility, and you can bet small amounts, starting at €0.20, which is always great. The game also has a 5x multiplier, which you have to scale up to first, but that isn’t any trouble.

9. Book of Dead and Play’n Go’s Success

Play’n Go has been one of the most successful companies out there, courtesy of the many great games it has put out for online casinos to enjoy. Yet, it’s Book of Dead that has been a game-changer. The plot follows the story of Rich Wilde, an explorer who is quite keen on archaeological discovery – and ransacking the odd tomb.

However, Rich Wilde’s good fortune is your good fortune, and many players agree that being complacent to his pillaging of old tombs isn’t a bad idea after all. True, Book of Dead doesn’t necessarily have the highest payout, but this is not necessary. With 96.21% in average return and a pretty great gamble feature, the payout percentage is pretty fine and one you will be happy with all along the way.

Book of Dead offers more than one exciting way to help you push up your winnings. There are tons of bonuses that go hand-in-hand with the adventures of Rich Wilde. That is naturally by design. The young explorer is a promising prospect and anyone who dares brave the horrors of ancient tombs walks away richer than they have ever imagined.

10. Wolf Gold: A Homage to the Natives

Wolf Gold is a game that gets everything right. It is an excellent title to try. It has a fairly high payout at 96.1% and a bunch of awesome features, including free spins, re-spins, wilds, and jackpot. The volatility is medium, and there is a payout multiplier worth up to 265,000. That is a great way to get the best payout yourself.

The special features will spruce up the experience for you, but the ambience of the game is unique enough all by itself. You will have to go through the prairie and commune with ancestral spirits in a bid to uncover those fortunes of old. The game is a fairly new release, launching in 2017 which means that the graphics and audio have been optimized to enjoy in full.

Players have 25 pay lines to juggle between, and the title will run smoothly on any mobile device. You don’t have to hesitate about stopping by Wolf Gold and giving it a test spin. There are tons of great bonus spins and a fairly high payout percentage which together make sure you are having fun.

And who knows, the spirits might look favourably upon you so that you can claim a quick 265,000 massive payouts for some truly delightful outcomes as it were.

Fast Withdrawal Casinos Are the Best Paying Ones

fast pay out casinosIf we are going to be serious about the best paying online casinos, then we naturally have to consider the speed of transactions. Naturally, the casino games that have a bigger RTP have a better overall chance of bringing better returns, at least in theory. Once again, luck will play its immutable part, but this shouldn’t worry you.

Yet, what you can optimize yourself is look for those specific online casinos that offer instant payouts. Instant withdrawal casinos are not a myth, and they do exist, offering some optimized and improved payouts. More importantly, they offer quick payouts.

Whether a transaction clears out immediately is up to the casino. Some operators are way more helpful than others. Naturally, the best online casino options will allow you to be quick about your payouts. A single click and a few minutes later, and your money should be on your way to your bank accounts.

There are some payment methods that are a little quicker than others, but mostly, it will depend on where your casino has its license and similarly, where you are playing from. Yet, the best payouts are only worth your while if they come with hassle-free banking, which is why you should choose the best online casino possible!

How to Find the Best RTP Slots?

Identifying the best RTP slots isn’t as complicated as you might suspect at first blush. In fact, it will only take you a minute to check for several basic factors. First, players should check the theoretical return as listed per the casino.

These days, it’s best to play with any slot that pays at least 96% although there are many great and well-paying games that start at as little as 95.30%. This brings us to our next step in determining how good a slot is – the gameplay.

The gameplay can be quite crucial in determining if a game is good playing. Take, for example, Jack and the Beanstalk, which comes with a 96.3% by default. Yet, the game itself has specific features that ensure that you can get multiple re-spins for free.

A single minimum bet worth €0.20 could fetch you multiple respins and you can, in turn, those into extra wins. This game is just an example of how knowledge of a specific product could be better than understanding its theoretical payout.

Yet, don’t worry, because most slots you will find listed as popular in any of our recommended best payout casinos.

Should You Expect Better RTPs in General?

Since we are talking about the highest sustainable payouts here, it’s safe to say that the brands we recommend all offer a great opportunity to play a game that grants you a slightly better chance to win.

It’s not just slots; every aspect of a top paying gaming site has been optimised to offer you extensive returns. Yet, it’s not just numbered, but also your ability to spot them.

Transparency is an important aspect of the experience for many users as well, as they can quickly reference what the suggested RTPs are and then make a decision whether to join.

Naturally, when you are playing off one of our recommendations, you will not have to worry too much about the RTPs, but it’s still a good idea to consider the RTPs.

To answer the original question once again – yes, you can expect much better overall RTPs with the best paying casinos out there.

This is evident by the fact that companies that operate casino brands will always try to make their products better and appeal to an audience that is demanding more than ever before.

Are Bonuses Worth It on Your Fast Payout Casino? 

Bonuses can be quite helpful in helping you establish yourself at any casino, including a big payout one. You will be able to redeem the welcome amount and then turn it into viable betting opportunities.

Do keep in mind, however, that there will always be a maximum limit set to your bonus and in most cases, this is €5, which is still a decent size. If you do find games that offer a great RTP, you may land some decent payouts.

Yet, remind yourself that even though a casino may offer some of the best payouts in the industry, you will still have to take a few things into consideration – such as if there is a precondition to your bonus.

Put another way, the casino may have a condition that says that you cannot cash out more than a specific amount out of your winnings. This is not a particular drawback to your gaming. Rather, you can think of it more like a fair contract between you and the casino.

The casino offers you a way to build up your bankroll, and at the same time, you also accept to take on some extra gameplay conditions for the duration of the bonus.

Can You Cash Out Your Jackpot Bonus at a Best Payout Casino?

Some players are always a little too sceptical when they hear that a casino will honour a multi-million bonus. This is understandable, but the casino sites we recommend are not just some of the best payout casinos – they are trustworthy.

We specifically check what the jackpot payout conditions are – on top of checking the regular payouts naturally. Our goal is to provide you with a complete and honest breakdown of every viable detail you might be interested in.

But more importantly, we need this information just as much as you do to determine if we want to recommend a casino – some are not worth mentioning, and we won’t even bother mentioning them.

Others, though, are exactly what you need. To answer your question specifically – yes, you can expect to cash out your bonus, although there may be a few conditions, such as the payouts taking place in instalments.

Can the Best Payout Casino Fail to Pay?

Can the Best Payout Casino Fail to Pay?The concept of a casino “failing” to pay is an interesting one. Many players feel that a casino has failed to meet an obligation they have, but this is not necessarily true. There are many ways you can quickly verify if you have miscalculated and breached T&C’s to occasion the lack of payment.

For example, a great casino will refuse to payout if you haven’t fulfilled the wagering requirements, which is understandable. If you are trying to claim a bonus against the T&C’s or have entered fake personal information, this could also give you headaches later on.

Therefore, it’s very important to always be honest with your casino so that you can establish a bilateral trust connection.

We only recommend certified casinos that are focused on providing players with the best possible experience. So, to answer your question honestly and transparently – no, a casino won’t fail to pay, as long as it’s a casino that we recommend on our page.

However, if you do breach a term of the service, you might run into some trouble. Thankfully, the best payout casinos also tend to have some of the most responsible and helpful customer support, so you might be able to solve a misunderstanding quickly.

If you want to withdraw instantly from your top-paying casinos, all you need to do is focus on the right payment method. We recommend looking for casinos that offer PayPal, Trustly or cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative.

To be honest, though, as long as your casino has a license, the payouts should be no issue. In fact, they should be instant and completed on the spot. An instant payout doesn’t mean the money will arrive right away in your bank account, though, because there are usually other payment processors involved, which might take up to 24 hours or a few days based on the option you have chosen.

Which casino game has the best payout?

Generally, slots offer some great payout rate, but speaking of the best payout percentage, you will need to check out some of the table games. Games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack usually come with a house edge that ranges between 97.30% and 99.60%.

Which slots payout the most?

The highest-paying slots are those created by the best software developers. A slot payout percentage is determined by the company that develops it. Therefore games by NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil usually have the highest theoretical return to player (RTP) rate and are often worth playing on.

What online casino has the fastest payouts?

Casinos that offer the fastest payouts have the best banking option as well as a license. They partner with verified payment processor companies and are fully licensed in the jurisdiction you are requesting a payout from.

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