Gambling Help is committed to providing readers with gambling assistance in cases where an individual experiences they are playing excessively. As part of the website’s efforts to help tackle gambling addiction, has prepared a comprehensive description of the symptoms associated with excessive gaming behaviour. 

Please refer to the following section for additional information on the issue. 

The Symptoms of Gambling Addiction – How to Spot Them

Excessive gambling is a serious condition, and it affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United Kingdom. As a result, CasinoChimp has decided to remind readers of the signs giving away the early and advanced stages of addiction.

You can use this list to diagnose yourself, your loved ones, or your close friends. The list will provide you with the necessary tools to spot problematic gambling behaviour:

  1. Neglecting responsibilities – The first symptom is a sudden spike in the time spent playing at the expense of arguably more important social duties.
  2. Playing over one’s means – Individuals quickly start spending over what they really afford to commit to a hobby.
  3. Lying to people close to you – People who are developing or already suffering from gambling addiction will lie to hide their hobby as they feel stigmatised.
  4. Racking up debt to play – When an individual is already suffering from addiction, they wouldn’t mind going into debt to just continue playing.
  5. Immediately staking your wins – In advanced stages of gambling addiction, individuals only care about playing, wagering any winnings they might have won right back.

Treat a Loved One or Get Help 

Gambling assistance is a crucial aspect of the health policy in the United Kingdom. While not many funds are allocated presently, there are a number of government and charity organisations that have focused on providing adequate care. 

Individuals who suffer – or feel like sliding into gambling addiction – can reach out for help to multiple organisations, including but not limited to:


0808 8020 133

National Health System (NHS)


0330 094 0322

Each of these services is equipped to assist gamblers. The National Health System (NHS) has also introduced a clinic for underage addicts. 

Meanwhile, strongly advises avoiding websites that do not offer social responsibility measures, such as direct contact to the aforementioned services. 

Why Treating Gambling Addiction Matters

The incidence of suicides directly related to gambling addiction has been climbing up, prompting quick government action. Going into debt at a young age over this problem could have negative consequences for life – and on severe occasions, it may lead to individuals taking their own life.

Thankfully, there is sufficient help, and well-trained experts are available 24/7 to assist individuals who are struggling with addiction. The first step towards solving the issue is to admit there is a problem.

With the help of technology and government-backed initiatives, it is much easier to open up to the fact that you may be suffering from a form of gambling addiction and seek help without fearing judgement. 

Get help today – all it takes is a simple phone call.

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