Lightning Dice

Join Evolution Gaming in one of their best Art Deco studios with Lightning Dice. Claim your bonus and have a shot at the 1,000x multiplier and make every bet count. Play Now
Game Provider:
Evolution Gaming
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Slot features: Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Special Expanding Symbols, Bonus Game, Scattery Symbol, Multiplier, Re-spins, Sticky Wilds
Release Date: August 15, 2019
Game Provider: Evolution Gaming
Slot Type: Video Slot
Reels, Rows Reels, Rows

Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is one of Evolution Gaming’s best live dealer games. It’s completely out of the box offering new and capturing gameplay as well as a great winning potential. The game comes with a 1000x multiplier and the Art Deco setting that has become EG’s own signature style.

Not least, the game has very high scalability, with an unlimited number of players welcome to join when they please. Players choose from individual bets or go after all 16 bet spots with the BET ON ALL button.

Lightning Dice Casinos & Bonuses 

Casinos that feature Lightning Dice will also make sure that they run a great selection of bonuses to make it easier to play. These bonuses will usually only contribute 20% towards the wagering requirement, so keep this in mind.

If you are wondering whether a bonus like this is worth it, the answer is probably yes. A bonus will extend your stay at the casino and help you enjoy more gaming sessions. By this token alone, a bonus is worthwhile despite the challenging wagering requirement.

Lightning Dice Strategy

Combing for a viable strategy is not exactly easy, as Lightning Dice depends on chance alone. However, since the game relies on dice to determine the outcome of a bet, and there is a limited number of outcomes, you can use maths to try and narrow down the possible outcomes.

If you aren’t entirely up for crunching the numbers yourself, this has already been done. The lowest probability outcome is 3 and 18 with some 0.50%. Therefore, this wager is not really going after, although you might see some people winning off it.

4 and 17 have a 1.40% probability to show up on the dice. Next are 5 and 16 with 2.80%, followed by 6 and 15 with 4.60%. 7 and 14 have a 7.00% of turning up on the dice. Meanwhile, 8 and 13 are next at 9.70%.

Lastly, you have 9 and 12 for 11.60% and the slightly better 12.50% for both 10 and 11. Betting on the fringes gives you a 0.50% chance to win, and even though the multiplier looks promising, it could be a stretch to actively pursue these bets.

What you could do is place the minimum bet at either 3 and 18 while trying to get a different outcome. It seems that the pairs 8 or 13, 9 or 12 and 10 or 11 remain the safest bets to try yourself.

By this token alone, you can try to place three bets on these pairs in a bid to hit a bigger win than a potential loss. However, keep in mind that this is again subject to pure chance.

Lightning Dice RTP 

Our research shows that Lightning Dice has a fluid return to player (RTP). On average, you can achieve anything between 96.03% and 96.21%. Based on multiple playthroughs, we believe that by betting on 3 and 18, you have the highest chance to hit the optimal 96.21% RTP.

The biggest asset to the payout is the potential to hit a 1000x multiplier, which can quickly grant you access to a substantial bankroll amount.

Lightning Dice Gameplay

Lighting Dice introduces you to a high-resolution studio which is hosted by a good-looking and professional croupier. You will have to go through a betting round, a quick lighting round that will charge your bets further, and finally, the dealer will release the dice down a bulky transparent structure.

How to play Lightning Dice? 

The normal gameplay unfolds in two steps. First, you will make a bet – on either individual positions or all 16 available slots.

Once you do, the dealer will place the dice at the top of the transparent structure that simulates a roll by using different obstacles to alter the direction and outcome of each dice randomly.

You will see the lighting round triggered to super-charge your bets and add to the potential payout of the bets. The multipliers are distributed randomly between all numbers, so you don’t need to bet on a higher number and expect a better chance at winning.

Once you are all set with your bets and the lightning round has completed, the dealer releases the three dice that will land and show three different outcomes. If you have bets on these numbers, you will win, and if not, your bets will be forfeited.

How Do You Trigger the 1000x Multiplier? 

The multipliers are triggered randomly. This happens only once – during the lightning round preceding the dealer releasing the dice. You will notice that even before you place your bets, numbers are assigned multiplier numbers.

One important condition to notice is that the lighting round will only charge three bets, which adds another source of unpredictability to the game.


Lightning Dice is a highly entertaining game and one of Evolution Gaming’s best. It has been one of the most enjoyed and sought live dealer games you can play outside of traditional casino classics like blackjack and roulette.

The title’s engaging gameplay and a fair potential to win a big amount are what turns it into one of the most desirable games in iGaming these days. This trend is very likely to keep unchanged over the next decade.

Lightning Dice FAQs

Is Lightning Dice random and fair?

Yes, Lightning Dice outcomes are subject to chance alone. The dealer places the dice on a platform that, when released, drops the dices into a labyrinth of obstacles, producing a random outcome in the end.

Is there a winning strategy for Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice doesn’t have a specific strategy to follow due to the many variables, but you can focus on numbers that tend to come up slightly more often, at least in terms of probability.

What is the biggest amount I can win playing Lightning Dice?

The biggest amount you can win playing Lightning Dice is the maximum multiplier, which is 1000 times the original bet size you have placed in the round triggering the multiplier.