Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live

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Game Provider:
Evolution Gaming
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Slot features: Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Special Expanding Symbols, Bonus Game, Scattery Symbol, Multiplier, Re-spins, Sticky Wilds
Release Date: July 10, 2019
Game Provider: Evolution Gaming
Slot Type: Video Slot, Progressive Slots
Reels, Rows 5 Reels, 3 Rows

In 2019, Evolution Gaming introduced Monopoly Live, an ambitious showmanship-like live game developed in partnership with Hasbro.

After ICE London 2019, the game was immediately adopted by multiple casinos, and specifically those that had been using the title’s predecessor – Dream Catcher.

Derived from the aforementioned title, Monopoly Live has its own unique dynamic thanks to a traditional experience with just a touch of augmented reality.

Overall, the game feels like an absolute delight to play – and it is. Here is why.

Monopoly Live Review

Monopoly Live is a continuation of the Dream Catcher game, another popular wheel-of-chance format developed by Evolution Gaming.

Played in a studio format, this title reminds players of an actual show they participate in on TV. The host or hostess acts their part brilliantly, guiding players and communicating through a live chat.

Evolution Gaming offers comprehensive and helpful statistics, including payouts, previous round stats, and account history.

This makes tracking easier and developing a successful strategy – somewhat less of a challenge. Plus, Monopoly Live uses multiple camera angles to make the experience more immersive.

All graphics are streamed in pristine-clear HD quality, and you can play from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Monopoly Live RTP

Monopoly Live offers a generous payout, making the game very appealing. The theoretical return rate is estimated at 96.23%.

This is in the upper industry limit, making for a comfortable, measured experience for players.

To improve things further for participants, Evolution Gaming has decided to offer a generous betting range.

As a result, players can bet between €0.10 and €2,500 per individual spin.

In turn, this means that Monopoly Live is perfectly suited to meet the needs of both budget players and anyone interested in becoming a high-roller.

The potential payouts will also be determined by the available numbers and special sectors on the wheel.

Today, the Monopoly wheel consists of the following sector denominations: Number 1 (22 instances), Number 2 (15 instances), Number 5 (7 instances), Number 10 (4 instances).

On top of that, there are also the 2ROLL Bonus (3 instances), Chance card (2 instances), and 4ROLL Bonus (1 instance).

To make things even more simple to follow, the payouts are determined by the numbers themselves. So, if you bet on Number 1, you can expect a 1:1 payout.

On the other hand, a bet on Number 5 would give you a payout of 5:1. There are also Bonus and Chance cards we will discuss in a moment.

Chance Cards

Take, for example, the Chance card. Every time you hit Chance, you will draw from a deck of stacked face-down cards.

Each card will award you a direct cash prize or a multiplier that is stackable. In other words, if you draw a multiplier this round, and another multiplier on the following spin, you can multiply the multiplier.

Put this way, a 10x multiplier can get multiplied by another 10x on the following turn, bringing the payout of Number 2 to 200:1.

The 2ROLL and 4ROLL Bonus Levels 

This being Monopoly Live, there are another few things to take into consideration. The 2ROLL and 4ROLL sectors trigger a special bonus level.

All you need to do to trigger the bonus is have a bet placed on the sector when it wins.

This triggers the second-screen board game. Mayfair, the Monopoly timeless mascot will appear, and players will use two dice to roll between two and four times.

As players roll, Mayfair will move around the Monopoly board and for each sector he lands in, participants will receive cash prizes.

The potential win is 1000x of a player’s stake, but should the bonus be triggered with a Chance card. This multiplier can potentially grow further.

When players enter the Mayfair bonus game, they will want to get as far as possible. As the farther down the board the go, the heftier the prizes will become.

Since Mayfair makes his way through the board, he may also land on a community chest or a Chance card. These aren’t always great, but they have their charm and potential.

Some players don’t like the Chance card as it may also slap them with an income tax, claiming between 10% and 20% of their winnings.

All things considered, Evolution Gaming has designed a fantastic wheel-of-fortune version of the Monopoly game and no less.

Monopoly Live Strategy 

So far, any strategy goes, players are encouraged to play and devise their own stratagems. Monopoly Live, players agree, doesn’t allow you to play according to a specific, set-in-stone strategy in relation to the game.

Rather, most participants agree that the best approach towards the title is to focus on the generous price ranges which start at £0.10 and can be progressively increased, depending on how much a player has won.

Managing your funds properly will guarantee you a somewhat positive outcome.

Of course, the game is heavily-reliant on chance, but with a few lucky spins and a multiplier here and there, your chances don’t look too shabby at all.

Monopoly Live Casinos 

Finding Monopoly Live casinos isn’t difficult at all. In fact, all you need to do is make sure that the venue you choose has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

This alone is a sure-fire sign that you have picked a website you can trust. Of course, you will want to have a look at what games there are, and see if the bonus conditions are fair.

A casino that has featured Monopoly Live can usually be trusted, as there is a serious financial investment there, and no brand would want you to have a bad experience.

It’s great to live in a time when the customer is king – including in the online gaming industry. Nevertheless, you should always exercise your due diligence, read other players’ opinions and check the reputation of a website before you open an account.

Failing that, just look up one of the best Evolution Gaming casinos recommended by professional reviewing services.

Monopoly Live Bonus 

As part of the casino experience, players will be happy to know that Monopoly Live is one of the games you can claim a bonus on!

Before you accept any welcome bonus offer, however, make sure to always double-check the wagering conditions.

See what the expected wagering requirements are and how much time you have to complete the bonus before you can cash out.

Usually, these conditions are quite fair, but it never hurts to develop a helpful habit from the get-go!

Monopoly Live FAQ

How to win at Monopoly Live?

Play according to your budget. The best chances of success to make sure that your budget is growing. Don’t overspend and create a balance. Play at the minimum £0.20 if the circumstances require it and gradually up your bets to reflect your winnings.

Is Monopoly Live rigged?

No. Monopoly Live is run on a Random Number Generator (RNG) tested by multiple auditors and approved by the UK Gambling Commission. Evolution Gaming would never risk its reputation by stilting the numbers.

Where to play Monopoly Live?

The majority of Evolution Gaming casinos have Monopoly Live. It is always helpful to double-check what specific games are available at a casino, though, because an operator may not always buy the full package of games.

How does Monopoly Live work?

Monopoly Live works just like any other live game. You join a live studio where a host or hostess will communicate with you. As a player, all you need to do is place your wagers. If you wish to talk to the hosts or other players, you can simply use the chat.