Monopoly Megaways

Building your first monopole is a few spin away. Try BTG's incredible slot and get it immediately. Enjoy your time, claim free spins, and win big with Monopoly Megaways! Play Now
Game Provider:
Big Time Gaming
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Slot features: Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Special Expanding Symbols, Bonus Game, Scattery Symbol, Multiplier, Re-spins, Sticky Wilds
Release Date: December 16, 2019
Game Provider: Big Time Gaming
Slot Type: Video Slot, Progressive Slots
Reels, Rows 6 Reels, 6 Rows

What could possibly happen when you mix one of the most popular slot game developers with the most popular game franchise ever? The Monopoly Megaways slot game by Big Time Gaming is what happens.

As the iconic cultural phenomenon that it has been for decades now, Monopoly has a warm place in the hearts of casual gamers and serious gamblers alike.

Not for nothing, it is one of the most sought-after household names to create branded games from. But rest assured, the Monopoly Megaways slot game is anything but another run of the mill game based on the property.

  • Release date: December 2019
  • Details: 6 reels, 6 rows, 117,649 ways to win/paylines
  • Bet levels: 0.10 – 20 credits
  • Maximum win: 15000x
  • Special features: Reaction system, Free Spin Bonus
  • Return to player: 96.39%
  • Volatility: High

The Monopoly Megaways Slot Game RTP

Featuring 117,649 paylines,  known here as ‘ways to win’ or ‘Megaways to win’. The monopoly Megaways slot has an RTP rate of 96.39% which, thanks to his impressive number of features, makes a 15000x prize possible.

The Monopoly Megaways Slot Sites

All around the world, there are properties to develop and utility providers up for purchase. Such is the deal with capital, and here are the casino sites that allow you to have a go at building your own monopoly.

Monopoly Megaways Slot Theme

As it could not have been otherwise, the game’s palette and aesthetics come directly from the monopoly game board. And how could it not? The Monopoly game board itself appears as well in the lower half of the screen.

The reels also feature the iconic monopoly game pieces: top hat, dog, car, and gunboat are all here as the icons. A golden capital ‘M’ for ‘Monopoly’ represents the wild of the game.

Right off the bat when starting the game, the player can see that the 6 reels and 6 rows gameboard is full of icons. Some of them appear larger than normal after a spin. This is due to Monopoly Megaways slot has Big Time Gaming’s own megaways engine.

The particular engine affects how many icons appear on the screen during each spin and how they spread out across the rows. How? Some icons can occupy two and even three-row spaces! That’s right, one or many icons can stretch vertically to cover more ground, making it as if there were two or three of the same piled up.

The great thing about this is just how perfectly random they appear. Each spin places new icons of varying sizes spread out across. Thus, it allows the possibility of landing many more combinations on each spin.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Monopoly Megaways slot has quite a number of features that make those 15000x winnings possible. As stated, there are quite a lot of them; you might want to grab some pen and paper for this one. Kidding, they are easy to intuit once you play.

Monopoly Megaways Slot’s Features

Once again, Big Time Gaming outdid themselves with the sheer number of different features included here. First of all, the Reactions feature and the cascading reels are the central features all others orbit around.

Once the reel spins and the player hits a winning combination across the paylines, many things will happen.

First, the winning combinations of icons will go away, making room for a new set to take their place. Second, Mr Monopoly himself will react by moving across the strip of the monopoly game board located below.

He’ll stop at one of the oh-so-familiar squares of the monopoly board which, just like in the original game, have their very own effects.

Monopoly Megaways Slot’s Squares

The effects of each particular square are the following.

  • GO Square: Will allow for the maximum number of ways to win to be active during your next reel spin. Allow me to remind you this means that on your next spin after landing in the GO square you will have 117,649 ways to win. Can’t lose here.
  • Property Square: When landing on a property square after three consecutive winning combinations, you can place one house on it. If you land on it after 4, then it will be 2 houses. If five, that’s 3 houses and so on until winnings stop.
  • Utility Square: Landing on a utility square means that now you own it. You can keep track of which ones you own by looking at the upper right corner of the screen. Once you enter the free spin, you’ll have a 1x multiplier on your winnings for each utility you currently have to your name.
  • Train Station Square:  Landing on a train station gives ownership of it, and during a free spin you will have one extra free spin per train station you own.
  • Community Chest: Mr. Monopoly will be automatically moved to a random property square in the stripboard. Also, as a completely random occurrence, it might also afford you 4 houses to place in that particular property completely free.
  • Chance: Here, one out of three things can happen completely at random. You can either A) Move to a random property square with a possible chance of placing 1 to 4 houses there. B) Enable Megaways to win for your next spin, that is, turning on the 117,649 ways to win next time you spin. And C) Trigger the Free Spin feature of the Monopoly Megaways slot.

The combination of all of them is what makes the 15000x winnings possible.

Monopoly Megaways Slot’s Free Spin Bonus

The free spin of the Monopoly Megaways slot game triggers when you achieve the 5th house on a property square or a chance square awards it. Whichever way you receive it, you’ll have 8 free spins where it pays to have all those houses built on your properties.

Each time Mr Monopoly lands on a property you’ve populated with houses, you’ll receive a multiplier on your winnings according to how many houses.

Also, landing on any train station previously owned gets you +1 free spin.

Likewise, when landing on a utility, you get 1x win multiplier for each utility owned (owning both means 2x!).

The chance and community squares also remain active with the same effects they have in a normal round of the game.

I would personally describe the free spin features of the Monopoly Megaways as putting the whole game on steroids. Really, there are few other ways to describe how supercharged it becomes; all involve narcotics also.

Remember that after the free spin bonus ends, you will lose ownership of all train stations and utilities previously had. The houses on your properties, however, remain, ready to award you your next free spin bonus.

Big Time Gaming’s Monopoly Megaways Slot – The Verdict

The sheer number of possible combinations. The genius idea of incorporating the squares of the Monopoly gameboard. And the incredibly varied effects afforded inside and outside the free spin bonus.

All powered by an unpredictable but wildly generous megaways engine that can land players some incredible wins. Last but not least, the charm of Monopoly is something so endearing for iGaming lovers; it wins them in sentimentality alone.

In a nutshell, Big Time Gaming did well again with the monopoly Megaways slot.