Habanero Enters Spanish Market with 40+ Titles and Promo Tools

habanero spanish market

Casino game supplier Habanero has made an important step towards consolidating its presence in European markets. The company has obtained a license from the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) to introduce its iGaming product and slot games in Spain. 

Habanero Makes an Entry into Spain’s Gambling Market – A First

Supplier of iGaming solutions Habanero has extended its casino content footprint in Spain. The country is one of the quickest-growing gambling markets in the world. Part of the company’s broader strategy in Europe, Habanero will now introduce its selection of 41 slot and table games in another Spanish market.

The announcement comes shortly after Habanera receives an official go-ahead from DGOJ, Spain’s gambling regulator. The company is hoping to boost awareness among gamers and lead to better brand-recognition in other markets. 

Presently, Habanero operates a broad portfolio of products in several key markets. Those include the Baltics, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and neighbouring Portugal, among others. According to Arcangelo Lonoce, Head of European Business Development at Habanero, the company won’t stop with Spain.

Lonoce expects Habanero to double-down and push more contents making a stronger entry into the market. Some of the key strengths of the debuted products include “an immersive portfolio,” as well as leading promotional tools. 

With Spain’s gambling sector growing at a quick pace, it’s understandable why operators in the country might be interested in consumer management tools on top of any extension to the existing gaming portfolio.

Operating Against Regulatory Headwinds

While Habanero’s entry into the market marks confidence and an important milestone for the company, many challenges might see slow growth at first.  

Spain is considering many online gambling restrictions to respond to the spread of the coronavirus as well as the lockdown that this has occasioned, pushing vulnerable players to excessive gambling. 

There have been calls to limit online advertisement. Spain now runs gambling-related ads in very narrow windows or not at all. Operators have complied with the measure.

Habanero might not immediately reap benefits from breaking into this important market. Yet, this is not likely to stop it from extending other important products. Those include the management platform that will give local operators better control over who sees the promotions and when.

A particularly useful tool when Spain is considering more restrictive measures given the circumstances.

The Small Brand’s Battle to Catch Up

Habanero has been quickly expanding its global footprint, making for quick growth and stacking up the number of partnerships with success. For starters, the company is already present in Latin America, where it partnered with the aptly called LatamWin platform. 

And, in Latin America in particular, Habanero has prepared and brought its entire portfolio. Not just 40-odd games, but the 100+ engaging slots and table games, not to mention – once again promotional tools. 

To streamline the experience even further, LatamWin will now offer its users player-favourite titles by Habanero such as Loony Blox, Hot Hot Fruit and Egyptian Dreams.

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