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New online slot sites are cropping up every day. Yet, players often find themselves a little unprepared to have their pick of the litter. For this reason, all smart casino players know to make sure and check with the latest reviews out there. But ask yourself, what really makes new slot sites any good? Is there anything special? Are these sites just good for new customers or everyone? All of this finds an answer in the detailed article below. If you are looking for great new casino sites, you have come to the right place.

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How to Choose New Slot Sites and What to Look For?

latest slot sitesPlayers often feel stressed to make the right choice. After all, in an endless ocean of new slot sites, there are many islets you would be tempted to visit. Yet, only takes you to those real treasure islands where X marks the spot. There are criteria to make your choice by, and that’s precisely what you need to keep in mind here. So, what does a great new slot site have?

A License Regardless of Its Newness

Often, new online slot sites will jump the gun and release a little too soon. Yet, a new operator should always comply with all industry standards. Obtaining a license is one of those. Therefore, any new slot site that comes your way should have a proper license.

Licensing is easy to establish. The casino should have a unique number that can then be checked on the regulator’s website. If you don’t want to go through that process, you can simply click on the badge of the regulator or the unique number to see if the number checks out. It most certainly will.

Great Focus on Mobile Compatibility

One way or another new slot gaming portals come with a great focus on the mobile experience. The user interface and user experience have changed a great deal. As a result, everyone expects to be able to play with a handheld device and for a good reason, too.

So, what slot sites do is to offer a great and streamlined interface that works perfectly on any operating system, whether that is Android or iOS. On occasion, you will also see a dedicated mobile app to top the HTML5 experience off. In the meantime, the functionality and accessibility of the website must be smooth.

New Slot Sites Banking Options

Call players capricious, but it’s the small demands they have had throughout the years that have added up to a completely new slot experience. It’s not just games – it’s the entire website. And so, banking comes up towards the top of the list of what players appreciate about a casino. It’s no surprise that most slot sites that come out today offer handy options. Whether it’s a prepaid voucher or a new e-wallet, a cryptocurrency or the well-known banking cards, convenience is the key.

New Bonuses for New Players

Whether it’s a welcome offer or 100 bonus spins, there are many ways to excite players. The bonus system shouldn’t fail at new slots sites. In fact, a good telltale sign is when a bonus is slightly more generous than it should be. New slot websites are trying to up the ante and create even more opportunities for you and your friends.

What Slot Games Are Available?

Slots variety spices up any gameplay. New slot sites don’t necessarily have all games out there, but they do have all the latest releases. A new slot game should come with all the great bells and whistles. Those include mobile compatibility, a few innovative twists with the features, and perhaps an even better user interface than any other title on the market. There are tons of ways to introduce new slots to players, and a new site might just be one of the right calls.

Reputation Remains Crucial for New Slot Sites

Even though they are new, a good word gets out fast. Brands that are on track to become player favourites don’t take too long to establish a good name. And so, new players will always find a casino site that has gone above and beyond to provide everyone with quality products.

Reputation will be the result of what all the players of a casino think about the site, and therefore it’s one of the surest ways to know if a brand can be trusted. That’s right, and you don’t need reviews, you need to consult your fellow players.

What New Slot Sites Are Secure and Offer Great Customer Service?

To make sure you have the best possible experience, you will want to make sure that the slot sites are fully secure. There are several telltale signs. First, licensing – if a website is licensed that is half of the deal sealed. Next, you must make sure that there is SSL encryption, as this guarantees all information remains private.

Customer support will usually be available in at least two out of three possible forms, i.e. email, live chat, and phone. But no matter how many support options there are, their usefulness will ultimately determine if they are any good.

New Slot Sites with a Free Sign Up Bonus and How to Get Them

brand new slot sitesWhen on the lookout for a new site, you often feel the urge to start in a way that will help you extend your gameplay. Claiming a free sign up bonus is always a good idea. Since you are looking for the best new real money opportunities, a slot site seems like a good choice. These new iGaming portals are designed to offer not only new games and features but also better bonuses.

Therefore, the sign-up bonuses you can get will usually come for free. The only minor thing you need to observe is the so-called wagering requirements. Unfortunately, these playthrough conditions are always there to help even out the playfield. True, as players we don’t like them too much, but the truth is they are a fair shot at a bonus.

Ideal Bonuses Exist: Check the No Deposit Free Spins at Slot Sites

While all brand new slot sites come with their own unique special features, there are some things that you would definitely want to find. The no deposit free spins bonus is one of those things, as it allows you to stretch your virtual legs and take aim at the top prizes.

A no deposit free spins bonus is, in fact quite handy. It allows you to use casino credits and see if you can turn them into a lasting profit. It’s a great way to check out different popular slots and see how they turn out. Of course, the wagering requirements will also be here, but they are not too bad at all.

Just Perhaps, A Few More Bonuses to Consider

Bonuses are the absolute best when we talk slots – yes, bonuses come with wagering requirements, but even this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. So, what bonuses can you actually claim and will they, in fact, be helpful? Here are several options to consider.

  • Free spins – Nothing seems to have quite the same appeal as free spins. After all, they are “free,” aren’t they? They are, but there are the wagering requirements to consider. Yes, those same old pesky conditions that remind you that if something is too good to be true – it probably is.
  • First deposit – When new players pick their brand new slot site, they are probably thinking “now is the time to claim me a juicy bonus.” And so, they definitely do.
  • The welcome offer – Don’t you go around underestimating the power of multiple promos all tied up in one big present! Players can have their go at various promos that could each reach €1,000, but most online casino sites prefer to keep things delicate.
  • The questlines – New slot sites actually offer interesting options – questlines. These questlines are very simple in fact – the more you bet, the better rewards you will get access to. And so, with every new level, there’s something to find. Free spins are often a common way. Yet, you also get a no deposit bonus here and there and even some better reward, perhaps a PlayStation or an iPhone. It’s an interesting way to give people an incentive for sure.

These promotions are not quite it. There are others that make those casinos more attractive and appealing than others. Very often, online casino sites come up with daily promos to make every day a small celebration.

How Easy Is It to Bank at New Slot Sites?

Slot sites are surprisingly easy to use. In fact, you will find completing transactions easier than ever. All it takes these days is to opt for one of the innovative payment options. Depending on where you are based, these will be slightly different. Trustly and Zimpler are gaining traction, however, as they provide players with instant-banking options. Something not too many casinos are actually capable of doing.

If you are not too keen to play with traditional currencies, then the opportunities to bet with a cryptocurrency are many. You can usually pick from 30 cryptocurrencies, making for very comfortable banking indeed. Admittedly, cryptocurrencies aren’t as easy as traditional payment methods.

The good news is they are still very easy to grasp. You may need no more than 25 minutes to be fully familiar with how the exchange, crypto wallet, and actual crypto deposit and withdrawal work. There are some tweaks to watch out for in each individual case, but they are nothing too serious.

But Are Wagering Requirements Any Easier at Newer Sites?

The pest that players fear, playthrough requirements are definitely a challenge more often than they are not. Don’t worry, though, because most bonus offer options find their way around them. Bonus spins will still require you to wager real money to get something out, but the conditions will be much better.

Why mention bonus spins? Because they tend to be one of the most desired types of bonuses. Naturally, new sites tend to offer them. Thanks to the new operators out there, the conditions are suddenly not as much trouble, and that is always a great thing.

Whatever the bonus offer you pick, don’t hesitate to look up the playthrough requirements. And don’t worry – in many cases, you will actually have a pretty decent chance to beat them without exerting too much effort.

What Are the Specific Advantages of New Slot Sites? has already told you what to look for in a new slot site, but now we ought to mention a few more things. Is the gaming experience at such a site indeed much better? Are new slot sites actually better or is it all a clever marketing ploy? There are several criteria that help you spot a winner of a slot site right of the bat. Here they are:

  1. Better sign-up bonuses – Your first deposit will not only be there and waiting. It will likely be even better than what you are used to.
  2. Great betting limits – While some slots have decent betting limits, playing at new slot portals gives you a bit of extra leeway. This includes both the lower and higher betting limits.
  3. Brace yourself for omnichannel experience – You don’t have to keep coming back to the same device when all you have to do is use your account credentials and pick any gizmo you have on you.
  4. Lightning-fast customer support – One way or another, you want to get that royal treatment online. Some casinos may skulk about, but all brand new slot sites are there to give you the best shot at the best experience. This includes immediate solutions to even the most complicated problems.

A Whole Lot of New Slot Games – Which to Choose?

At a time when we are fed with entertainment around the clock, it doesn’t look like too much hassle to find the top slot games. Not at all. Yet, some pointers are helpful. Since we are talking about new slot sites, you would naturally expect some of the older lot to have been left out. But that’s not bad at all. There are over 16,500 slots developed in the world now. In fact, this number may even be a little dated.

Most new slots sites will keep adding titles by Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Push Gaming, Betsoft Gaming, and dozens of others. These studios all have one thing in common – they have decided to stick to the latest and most trusted developers, which always have something new to bring to the table.

And so, the games you find today are all-new, graphically sexy and a real pleasure to play. They have multiple game mechanics, such as multipliers, bonus levels and extra symbols to make the payouts smoothers. Speaking of payouts, it’s usually the case that new sites end up with slightly better-paying slot games.

While the industry average still remains 96%, some developers are boldly pushing past this into 96.5% RTP and beyond. Variety is another important element. You will probably end up choosing from hundreds of titles. Most casinos will usually use a filter and search option to limit your choice and make it more sensible.

Don’t hesitate to even enter random words such as “moolah,” “sea,” space,” and others to find your way to the themes you want to immerse yourself into.

Live Slots: What a Twist!

new slot sites with free spinsNew slots sites always have to be at the forefront of all fresh developments. This is where live slots come in. And you can think of live slots as a private show. A dealer will hop on and cheer at your winnings and possibly commiserate when you turn a loss. The concept may seem a little redundant at first, but some people would definitely appreciate the social element.

In fact, many players admit that their trips to Las Vegas are often an attempt to greet and meet with other fellow players. With the innovative twist brought around by new slot site offers, it’s possible to stay home and still feel the Las Vegas action run down your spine as shivers.

Are There New Jackpot Games at Fresh Slot Sites?

New slot websites come with many perks. Yet, you are probably wondering – can I expect even better jackpot slots? Your question is legit. And here’s the answer to it – yes and no. You see, new slot sites will certainly incorporate jackpot games. They are not necessarily new networks for the progressive ones. Yet, you will definitely appreciate the additions of Sherlock Holmes, Mega Moolah, King Cashalot, and others.

Yet, progressive slots are not all that you can enjoy. For example, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune are just two of the great additions. You can play all via a mobile device and have a real life-changing experience on the go. Nevertheless, keep in mind that progressive games aren’t all the goodies you can be playing today.

There are many ‘regular’ jackpot games that offer new customers a true shot at winning small, but steady amounts. These smaller games are usually fixed when it comes to their jackpots, but don’t worry – they are awesome enough.

Innovative in Many Ways: Augmented and Virtual Reality Slots

If a new slot site wants to get ahead of the game, adding virtual reality (VR) slots doesn’t sound like a bad idea. In fact, it’s a brilliant way to liven up the whole experience. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of games that have been released as VR games. NetEnt is one of the studios that debuted two products in 2016, but the studio hasn’t really followed through. Some regulators have argued that the practices may be a little too addictive at first, but VR is definitely bound to undergo wider adoption in real money slot gaming.

Can You Find Skill-Based Slots at New Slot Portals?

Another popular concept that slot games may soon be subject to is the so-called skill-based games. Many regulators don’t hide their anxiety when the term is flown around. Relying on free spins and chalking it all up to luck is one thing. But new players seem increasingly eager to find something extra – a new meaning to pursue gameplay.

Therefore calls to make slot games more like traditional gaming products have been heard – again and again. However, true skill-driven games are far from complete realisation. Yet, they are definitely exciting and something to look forward to.

New Slots Sites on Mobile – They Are a Real Treat

New sites will always try to hit a bull’s eye by staying mobile. After all, the majority of players these days like to tune in using a portable device, and this is understandable. That’s why all casinos have a mobile interface with the unique three-bar menu chucked away in a corner.

You can access a number of main categories, and customer support is usually displayed as a shortcut bubble in the bottom right corner. The mobility of a casino extends to its slot games section. You see, these games that are featured will always run smoothly and without delays.

While a few years back, developers used clunky old tech, everything has shifted to HTML5, which has proved a true panacea and a unifier in the community.

Are New Slot Sites Really Safe?

Asking the right questions is always smart. In this case, safety is something particularly important to new customers. Thankfully, safety can be established very quickly and with a great degree of accuracy. So, you want to make sure that your gaming website is a great place. Just check for the license and what encryption technology is used.

Of course, believes that the safety of a site doesn’t just have purely technical dimensions. On the contrary, a safe casino will do its best to advise players on the best way to approach gambling is. For starters, responsible gambling advice is always welcome.

More important than tips and tricks, though, are the actual helplines that can assist. Due to their easy gameplay, slots can soon become addictive. And that’s why the best slot sites should be truly responsible for their players and take good care of them.

Slot Tournaments: Ready to Spin?

Slot tournaments are an increasingly popular solution and yes – you will find them at those brand new sites. How do they work? There is no real competition to be fair. These tourneys simply ask you to win a little more than your opponents. There usually is a leaderboard that allows you to “outplay” your fellow players by placing more money.

Yet, if you win enough, you will qualify for the first prize which can be anything from €500 to €1,000 or even more. There will usually be pre-chosen games to play. These slots might change every day, which will add some variety to your gameplay routine.

Other than that, there are no real restrictions to the slot tournaments. They can be truly fun, and some players don’t miss a chance. Yet, it’s always refreshing to remind yourself that one way or another, it all boils down to luck – which you cannot control.

Prize Drops with Slots!

From free spins to free cash, playing at the best new websites out there really has its upsides. You will often be complemented with a freebie here and another goodie there. Your goal is to stick with the site you know you can trust and enjoy. The rest is a matter of time. Spins could be granted to your account at any point, which is always a lot of fun.

Naturally, these promos will be part of the playthrough requirements, and they will happen based on specific casino terms. However, players usually keep their eyes open for special events – Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and Halloween are just some of those.

Final Words

Slots sites are always fun to play, and if that’s a new site, you will probably have all the more reason to join in and want to be part of it. There are many fantastic upsides to pick all along the way! From claiming a slightly more generous bonus or perhaps a few new games to try. Either way, there is always something new for players to try. Free spins, cool games with fantastic new additions and more all await… Just as long as you are willing to give these cool new online slots sites a shot.

New Slot Sites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are new slot sites completely safe?

Yes, new slots are completely safe. They make sure that you will never have to double-check anything about the site. All payments are encrypted. They have a proper license, and the community will always confirm if something is good or conversely caution you to watch out for a specific brand.

What kind of bonuses can I play with while at new slot sites?

New slot sites won't hesitate to provide you with a whole variety of great bonus offer options. You can get bonus spins, reload bonuses, loyalty schemes and many more. These promotions are optimised to make sure that new customers and existing players are all having fun. Free spins will definitely be in the centre of attention, as they should.

How do I know if a new slot site is trustworthy?

The trustworthiness of a website is based on its reputation. The community has a great say in which site passes muster and which site should be relegated back and never be paid more attention. It's through using reviews and community opinions that you can pick the best new slot sites out there.

Are there enough games to play at these slot sites?

Yes, new slot websites will always try to come with plenty of options. The number of games can really vary. It can start from something as low as 250, but then again it can quickly progress to over 3,000 games even if the website is still very new. Most successful brands want to make sure that you really have access to fantastic options.

Will the progressive jackpots at new sites be better?

Not necessarily. The jackpots will definitely be quite great, and they will be connected to time-tested networks. Winning millions would seem easy, although it would come with their challenges. Overall, you can find many jackpot games. You can expect all of them to be on par with the latest industry standards.