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Pay n Play is an interesting concept. Thankfully, it’s a little more than a concept these days as online casinos are quite happy to let you play instantly – no registration necessary. This does sound a little counter-intuitive, but there is a good explanation behind this.

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Since most potential players can’t really be bothered with undergoing lengthy and often boring registration and identity verification processes, intuitive and legitimate payment providers have come up with a workaround. Their solution is simple – eliminate the need to verify accounts.

Yet, this makes the legal end a little more difficult than is ideal. After all, without AML and KYC measures, you can’t have a fair online gaming environment, and fairness matters a whole lot. So, companies such as Trustly have decided to streamline the process.

And just like that, today you can enter a casino, deposit in a matter of seconds and start your gaming – no registration needed. You are probably excited to find out how this works, but more importantly – you want to find out where these Pay n Play casinos are. Well, for your comfort, we have put a list of pay n play casinos that cover it all.

What Are Pay n Play Casinos and How to Find Them?

Pay and Play casinos are iGaming operators that have partnered with established banking providers, such as Trustly. Through this collaboration, casinos and the payment firm have decided to settle the bothersome details about your registration in the background. The result is that when given a chance to just play – and not register – players tend to stick a little longer.

Trustly is just one of the great examples where you see such a method in practice – there are other methods, and they vary based on the country you are in. More importantly, you will want to know how this process is carried out. You see, your online casino has chosen Trustly not only for the zero fees and fast transaction times.

There is, as has always been, something extra on top. In this case, it’s your satisfaction as an online casino player. If a casino is a whitelisted operator, licensed by your national regulator, you can reap various benefits – not least use an easy and quick registration.

But don’t think you are just dodging regulations or doing something wrong here. No, once you register for a pay n play banking method, such as Trustly, the firm will handle all your data and only forward it to parties that you explicitly authorize.

In your case, this would most likely be a casino. Of course, Trustly also has a list of operators it works with and others it would not release data to. In many ways, this payment option is smart and makes playing an effortless exercise.

Now that you have an idea where to find a great casino and know a little more about pay and play, why not have a look at the bonuses?

Are Pay n Play Casino Bonuses Any Different?

Bonuses are very much the same. Then, what’s the point? Well, you don’t have to register, remember? And this in itself is a big plus. You can just hop to the promotions section and browse around the website. Usually, there will be a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus. There is some difference in the terminology of course, and you can quickly catch yourself up to date on our dedicated bonus page.

You will find no deposit and free bonuses for any pay n play casino there, no issues about this. The question is, make the same rules to the bonuses apply? Upon closer examination, we can argue that this is indeed the case. One thing that stands out when you choose bonuses from these casinos is they are a little more careful with how they promote their bonuses.

The language is less incentivizing and more based in fact. We personally like this as it makes it easier for a player to stop, think and decide which bonus will actually make sense to pick. In terms of wagering requirements, things look pretty much the same, with most bonuses applying to both the deposit and bonus amounts.

To say which one is worth it, you will, of course, have to ask yourself what your current needs are and if it’s reasonable for you to even pick a bonus. We like to bring this point up and always invite players to choose well and choose smart.

Is a bonus going to add intrinsic value to your gameplay? We believe so, yet some bonuses might be a bit too much to cover the conditions for. At CasinoChimp we try to stay away from any such promos, but just in case you run into one, we recommend that you enjoy the pay n play casino, without necessarily claiming a bonus with difficult wagering conditions.

How to Choose a Pay n Play Casino?

For those of you who love to think outside the box, understanding is important, we are sure. So, you are probably wondering by now – how do we choose a casino? Well, it’s a long and entertaining process. Checking if every last screw and bolt has been adjusted is clearly going to take some time, but in the end, it’s worth it. If you want to check these Pay N Play casinos yourself, we suggest that you have a go. Here are several quick steps:

  1. Check a casino’s reputation – Reputation is all in some cases. When playing with Trustly, you want to make sure all is well, and a casino’s history just so happens to be squeaky clean.
  2. Don’t be shy to ask for more games – It never hurts to have a few extra games on top. The more, the better as this is a clear signal that a casino is serious about purchasing expensive software and then sticking to its brand.
  3. Bonuses can’t hurt, can they – They can’t! Yet, there’s no downside to being picky. It’s your money, so make sure to check out if the bonuses are something you like and need.
  4. Are we safe here – There are multiple ways to check if a site is up to the latest safety standards. Don’t hesitate to look up if encryption and licensing apply.
  5. Let’s get in touch with customer support – What a great idea. If there’s something still left unexplained, who better than customer care to help you out?

All of these conditions are just one example of how you can look through a casino and try to establish its credentials. Of course, a Pay n Play site is a little more complex than this, but don’t worry – we have made sure to go the extra mile and help you out with all by listing the best Pay n Play gaming sites right here.

What Pay and Play Banking Methods Are There?

This is a very good question to ask. After all, is Pay n Play a concept – as an e-wallet, or is it one special payment method, similar to PayPal? These questions are interesting and engaging. To help you gain a quick insight, we will briefly talk about two of the most popular banking options when it comes to this instant play form of accessing a casino.

First, there is Trustly. As the name suggests – and we have mentioned before – this is a payment option that allows you to skip the registration process while retaining all your private information secure. To get yourself started, you need to set up a Trustly account.

Once you do, you will be able to play and access casinos that specifically allow this method to be used as an instant deposit foregoing any registration. When you arrive at the casino, you just need to click on Instant Play and pick this method as your preferred way to make a deposit.

From there on, it’s bound to be smooth sailing with no bumps. Just remember to always pick one of the brands we recommend as we can vouch for them. Even if you aren’t picking one of our endorsed brands, you shouldn’t worry too much about exploring new brands.

Meanwhile, another payment method you might want to explore is BankID. This is an innovative payment method used in Sweden, as it really allows casinos to verify the source of your funds as well as confirm your identity. We love the Swedish gaming market because it’s such a safe and well-developed infrastructure, and BankID makes banking very easy indeed!

What About Entercash?

If you are still on the lookout for some new way to use the pay n play functionality of online casinos, you will definitely appreciate Entercash. This is a solution developed as a subsidiary of Trustly, and it currently facilitates instant payments towards casinos from several banks, including Nordea, Osuuspankki, and S-Bank. If you have a bank account in any of these financial institutions and play at an online casino that accepts instant play deposits, you are in for a treat!

Pay n Play Casinos Withdrawals Are Fast

Luckily for you, pay n play casinos really have something excellent to offer in terms of processing times. You will be able to enjoy instant withdrawals, making your banking a very smooth process indeed. You might be concerned whether this means that you have to pick heftier banking and operational costs, but our experience using Trustly, BankID, and Entercash show that there are zero fees applied to this method.

On the flipside, withdrawals are clearly one of its upsides. Thanks to the fact that the casino and bank account are linked so well together, you can enjoy deposits and withdrawals carried out in the blink of an eye, making the entire experience valuable on a whole new level.

Pay n Play Bonuses – What You Should Know

Since the focus is clearly on pay n play casinos, we ought to talk bonuses with you. Now, bonuses in the Nordic gaming markets, for example, are a bit of a rarity. Strict regulation makes allocating a promotion a very transparent and straightforward process, but often creates a few obstacles on the casino’s traditional marketing strategies end.

Not to worry, though, because you as an end-user would find the available pay n play bonuses a whole lot of fun. But what do you need to know before scooping up a bonus yourself? Well, for starters, you want to pick a bonus where the wagering requirements aren’t too overwhelming.

This is very online to happen with online casinos that support pay n play, but exercising some scrutiny in the matter doesn’t hurt. You will come across many promotions where the terms and conditions will give you enough time to play through any bonus at a leisurely pace.

You don’t have to go after the biggest amounts either, although, our experience shows that most bonuses are usually moderate amounts, which is not a bad thing by any stretch.

Just a Pay N Play Casino or Something Else?

As it turns out, there are at least two different types of instant play casinos. The first sort is a dedicated casino where Trustly, or any of the other methods for this matter, is the only payment option you can use. You link your online bank account and can start playing and where you don’t have to worry about excess. Instant play casinos are actually very advanced when it comes to protecting you from coming in the way of gambling harm.

Instant withdrawals may sound great, but you will still need to play without taking risks or staking overwhelming amounts. This is why many players prefer a pay and play casino – it simply allows them to control their gaming habits a little better, and yes – instant withdrawals are a clear benefit.

So, the first model to consider is the pure pay n play online casinos. Yet, there is another – where Trustly is just an additional banking method, and you can pick from traditional banking options as well – this could be just about anything, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and even alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies, although not very likely.

What Pay n Play Games Can You Play?

You will find countless casino games on the best pay and play casinos and give them all a proper go. Pay n play online casinos spare no effort in delivering a versatile selection of slots, progressive jackpot games, video poker, popular table variants and even live games.

And in each case, you can rest assured that starting to play instantly, without a registration process. It will streamline the experience for you and allow you to dive right in. There are tons of excellent options to cherry-pick yourself.

Whether you are looking for a high RTP game or for something with entertaining gameplay, you are bound to find it at a casino that supports pay and play. Keen to play without a registration process? It seems like you have picked the right casino – or, if you haven’t yet – refer to the table of casinos, we recommend and approve of.

Trustly and Pay n Play Online Casinos Are Safe

Ultimately, it will all come down to the same thing – can you trust pay n play casinos with your bank account? Can you enter your details and play safely in the knowledge that your identity will remain under lock and key? The simple answer to this is a definite yes.

You see, Trustly is not just any banking method out there and the solution offers viable alternatives to many pressing issues. For starters, the payment method has figured out a way to exchange data in the safest and safest way possible on the Internet.

Incidentally, this has enabled the payment provider to help casino players enjoy a whole new experience where they don’t have to worry about covering lengthy regulatory norms. Just to be extra sure, though, that pay n play operators are quite safe, you can remind yourself that they are treated with the utmost care and scrutiny by actual financial regulators that will make it very easy for you to trust this solution.

The Only Downside of This Payment Option – Popularity

It makes perfect sense to call Trustly, and its adjacent pay n play solutions the norm, but alas – they are not. Not many casinos have endorsed them yet, and this is indeed the one downside this method experiences. Even though it makes casino players’ lives easier, not many casinos today have yet adopted the solution. The good news is given how useful Trustly and instant play casinos actually are. We are not far from a time where playing without conducting a basic registration process would be the norm.


It is easy to see what the upsides of opting for pay n play casinos are. These casinos will not only enable you to start playing right away – they will save you the legal legwork. There is no need for you to submit your personal information, and besides, not everyone might feel comfortable doing so, especially if this information is already available at BankID and Trustly. What’s more, these services are vouching for you without necessarily transmitting the full information.

But you better leave the legalese to the service. What should matter to you is that you can pay n play right away. There is no need to worry about verifying your account and actually withdrawing from the casino! After all, this has just been done for you, and you can request payments quickly and reliably—all with a simple Trustly and BankID account.

Naturally, keep in mind that there could be more instant play payment options before long, and it would be completely worth your while to check out any new pay n play banking option as soon as it becomes available. When it does, we will make sure to review it properly!

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