Privacy Policy hereby referred to ‘Us,’ ‘We,’ or ‘Our,’ or ‘the Service’ is a website dedicated to gambling products and advertisement. The Privacy Policy page you are reading is the binding rules the Service in relation to sensitive information collected from users. 

Specifically, the page focuses on explaining how information is collected and under what circumstances – if any – that information is disclosed. The Service is compliant with all data protection laws – both international and regional – and specifically with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), GDPR.

Please keep in mind that continuing to use the website, means you agree to the Service collecting personal data from you in the specified ways. 

Individuals who are using in defiance with the laws to which they are subject in their country bear the sole responsibility for their decision.

Information Collection And Use

We may collect several types of information from you, depending on the section of the website you are using. Presently, we collect Personal Data, which most commonly comes in the form of several categories, including

Most commonly, the Service will collect Cookies and Usage data, but in the cases where sign up is required – such as for a newsletter service – the Service could also request email address along with names. 

Cookies Data

The Service collects cookies and other tracking data from users. This information is then processed by the Service to identify how to improve on the existing offer. There are several main types of cookies collected to help the Service have a more reliable read on users browsing patterns and thus improve the overall quality of the product offered. The main type of cookies collected are:

Each of these cookies is important to running a smooth service. Specifically, the Session Cookies help us run every individual browsing session. Thanks to Preference Cookies, we can provide you with the product the exact way you want to, and Security Cookies are there for strictly security reasons.

If you wish to exclude yourself from such collection and use of cookies, you will need to access the browser settings of your browser. However, keep in mind that excluding yourself from the use of cookies may render some areas of the website inaccessible.

Please refer to the Privacy Policies Guide on Cookies to see how you block the collection of cookies on all your devices. 

What Do We Use the Data For? will utilise the collected data for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

Disclosure Of Data

While data is kept under wraps, the Service may need to disclose data in certain cases. First, any legal requests to access your data lodged by a legal institution must be met with approval by the Service. Therefore, any government authorities can freely access the data.

Your data can similarly be shared with a third-party in the cases where the Service becomes part of a merger and the owner of the company changes. This may grant access of your data to the new owner – or partner – at which point you would need to familiarise yourself with any changes to the Privacy Policy.

Data Protection

Data protection is an absolute priority for As a result, the Service uses a state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology and antivirus software. However, the Service reminds users that any electronic transmittance of data has risks, regardless of the application of adequate measures to safeguard the data.

Links To Other Sites

The Service will link to other websites in order to cite relevant information or advertise another service. However, the Service cannot be held responsible for anything users may encounter elsewhere. Leaving the website and following up on a link is entirely the user’s decision and would not be held responsible for any damages incurred as a result of this action.

Use of Analytical Tools’s mission is to create a comprehensive service that ultimately benefits the users. To do so, the Service uses several esteemed tools that help it analyse data and tailor the offer so that it appeals to a broader audience.

Therefore, your information will be shared with Google Analytics, which is Google’s tracking and monitoring tool for online browsing patterns. If you are uncomfortable with Google Analytics, we urge you to install a specifically-designed addon, allowing you to exclude yourself.

We also recommend reading Google Analytics Terms & Conditions, so you have a better understanding of the tool and how it helps optimise the browsing experience for you. Other similar tools may be used on various occasions to further help us fine-tune our website.

Children’s Privacy does not permit underage individuals to browse gambling-related materials. By continuing to use the website you agree that you are of the legal gambling age, currently the age of 18. However, in case your local laws specifically determine another age as the minimum age for gambling, you must comply with said laws and discontinue reading.

Please note that if we have any reason to suspect that a minor is using the website, we will proceed to blocking access to the website for said individual. 

Changes To This Privacy Policy reserves the right to make as many changes to this Privacy Policy as it sees fit. Users are advised to return to this page and look for updates as will be indicated at either the top or bottom of the page once an update has been applied.

Contact Us keeps an open channel of communication with users. Therefore, if you want to get in touch, please use the Service email: You can contact us with suggestions, requests for corrections, the advertisement offers or partnership opportunities.

Communication that doesn’t fall in any of the aforementioned categories is also welcome. The Service will try to respond as quickly as possible.  

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